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Calling all Lead Practitioners

Discussion in 'English' started by EvaAeri, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. EvaAeri

    EvaAeri New commenter

    Hey there, I’m a newly appointed LP who is mentally preparing for the whole SSAT accreditation process which I’m planning to complete within by the next summer. Are there any other LPs who are in the process of doing this or those who have succesfully completed the accreditation? Would be great to have a thread where we can share good practice and help each other.
  2. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    I did a degree, postgraduate degree and year of a PGCE, all at top universities, to set me on the first steps to becoming become a lead practitioner. This system is all fast track and no depth. I I had the humility to understand that it woukd take me a fair few years of classroom-based teaching to become the best teacher that I could be. That PGCE system was, in my opnion, the best. The country is full of superb experienced teachers who have been kicked out purely because of these qualities which schemes like yours puport to celebrate. How typical that government has enabled this divisive and limited SSAT system to exist. Let’s all reinvent the wheel! Exactly why a biased and sel-interested academy system would think it had the ability to train a crack core of superteachers is way beyond me. But of course rhe old government-funded PGCE system cost too much money, didn’t it. An LP ? it is an album of music slapped onto vinyl. You may need to Google ‘vinyl.’ Another good system which has been replaced.

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