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calling all French Teachers!

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by TheAdventureCompany, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. I have just returned from a familiarisation trip to Morocco - we took 20 teachers to try out the destination. it was a brilliant trip and they all had a great time. The coaches we use all have seat belts and all our hotels are fully risk assessed. Safety wasn't really a concern any of our teachers raised. they were more concerned about driving times - wouldn't be such a problem for your French trip as it is centre based.
    What do your students usually pay for a French trip? the trip i am currently working on is going to work out at about £550 per student (based on 20 with 2 free teachers). this is a fully inclusive 5 day itinerary with all food travel excusions etc. Do you think this is too high?
    I know that the 'French' market is very competitive and i'm desperate to give people an alternative, but don't want to lose out because of price. The trouble is the cost of the flights is so high. Our ground costs are only around £250 - the rest is all flight....
    what do you think - would you consider it or just stick to France?
  2. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    I think most EVCs would want 3 teachers forthis number of students on an overseas trip - my LA would certainly insist on it.
  3. fionarh

    fionarh New commenter

    Agree with Henriette re. number of teachers - we have 1:8 for residential in France but that is with year 7 students.
    I would love to consider it as a trip, but the price is probably too high.
    Could it be combined with another element, like geography which would open it to more students?
  4. Of course - so many of my schools have a 1:8 ratio - only puts the price up by around £30 each...
  5. You could certainly open the trip up to lots of subjects - Morocco is perfect for Geography and Religious studies as well. we'd have to adapt the itinerary to make sure it covered everyone's educational needs, but would make a brilliant journey!
    how much do you usually pay for a residential French trip?
  6. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

    I don't like to go above 400 pounds for a trip, but that said I think Morocco is further and so the cost could justify itself. I'm not really representative of most colleagues here though - we are a private school so some parents (though not all by any means) have a lot of money to throw at trips. I think it sounds reasonable.
    Don't Easyjet fly to Morocco now? I know they're not as competitive as they used to be, but it might still be cheaper...

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