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Calling all foundation stage teachers!!!!!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Bella82, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. I was wondering if anyone could help to clarify a few points about EYFS:
    1) When planning a lesson where do you obtain learning objectives and general ideas?
    2) How often do you complete the eyfs profile (I know it needs to be finalised at the end of rec. but how regularly do you update it?)
    3) How would you say teaching strategies/methods differ in eyfs from key stages 1 and 2?

    Any ideas/ answers would be much appreciated.
  2. 1) In reception you use the early learning goals as your LOs. In nursery you would be looking at the development goals. These are shown in the EYFS material. For ideas you can choose whatever themes you like, but it is encouraged to follow the children's interests, or choose topics that you think will really engage them and will meet the early learning goals (hopefully both things!).
    2) In my school they update the profile three times a year.
    3) I am in Year 2 and as we have moved to the creative curriculum the actual method of teaching in a cross curricular way is similar to reception. I would say the main difference is that in nursery, reception (and quite a lot of Year 1 classes) the children access a lot more continuous provision, with small focus groups working with an adult, or being extended by an adult. There is some whole class teaching, but this is not the main approach. The outdoor space is usually used a lot more with children accessing continuous provision outside and adults extending their experience. In my year 2 class we still have a tuff spot and role play area, but this doesn't continue beyond Year 2 in our school. They have some access to these areas, but usually not until towards the ends of lessons etc. Year 2 is a lot more formal and the children ultimately have less choice, although we have worked hard in our Year 2 classes to include choice.

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