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Calling all foundation stage teachers!!!!!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Bella82, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. I was wondering if anyone could help to clarify a few points about EYFS:
    1) When planning a lesson where do you obtain learning objectives and general ideas?
    2) How often do you complete the eyfs profile (I know it needs to be finalised at the end of rec. but how regularly do you update it?)
    3) How would you say teaching strategies/methods differ in eyfs from key stages 1 and 2?

    Any ideas/ answers would be much appreciated.
  2. Anyone???
  3. 1)Learning objective, for focus activity, from Development Matters, with big health warning- don't be inflexible about what children might learn that you haven't thought about.
    2)It's up to you. It has to be completed by the end of the reception year.
    3) Hopefully you don't try to stuff stuff in. Instead you tease stuff out. (Very generalised!)
  4. dbu

    dbu New commenter

    in response to updating the profiles, we have a paper copy per child and highlight it when we do a learning story or observation sticker for each child. so at different points for each child. we then sit as a staff 2 teachers and 2 ata's every half term and will tick points achieved for each child pulling info from everyone.

  5. Hi Bella82
    1. LO from the development matters and then assess using profile statements (in reception). I use children's interests to do short term planning, although start with 'ourselves' first term to help get to know them and do on entry assessment.
    2. I do it on entry to return to LEA, usually around Feb half term and then on exit in June. However I do check it regularly for various reasons.
    3. Depends on teaching style but in my school in EYFS there is a mix of teaching methods. Some direct teaching to whole class, groups, one to one and a good balance of enhancing learning by playing with the children. In year 1 at present it is very formal and almost identical to the teaching methods used in ks2 - lots of whole class teaching then sitting at desks doing tasks with almost no chance for children to lead their own learning. However this is something I am working on. In other schools the principles of the EYFS are followed through into yr 1 and beyond until children are 'ready' for a more formal kind of learning.

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