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Calin Bleu baby wrap

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by puddle, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Does anyone have any experience of this wrap?
  2. OK bunique- I want to buy one for my new baby due in Sept so I can carry him/her round whilst looking after my toddler. Any strong recommendations? Sorry to hijack OP! Out of interst too, how do you find out about sling meets?
  3. Stretchy wraps like Moby Wraps or Kari Me are great when they're small - have a look on eBay as they're often on sale there a bit cheaper. There is a slingmeet website: http://www.slingmeet.co.uk/ but it's quite quiet. There's a lot more traffic here: http://naturalmamas.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=5 with more meets publicised.Or do a facebook search for a babywearing group near you :)
    http://www.slingguide.co.uk/ is a great site for info!
  4. Hello!
    I am also sharing Buniques love for wraps and slings!

    For a newborn a stretchy wrap is great- you can pre-tie it and pop baby in and out, with a woven wrap it is a little more complicated- they also take a while to be broken in so it is much easier to buy a second hand one as it will be soft and ready to use. A woven wrap will last longer and be more suitable for a bigger baby.
    It is also a pain if you are putting a woven on outside as the ends drag in the mud. I do have a woven wrap but we both get quite hot and it isn't as easy to wear so for a newbie to slings, probably easier to start with a moby.

    Wraps are hot though- so look for light weight ones, I had my baby in August and she would be in just a vest in her wrap but I would be sooooooo hot.
    I have a rose and rebellion carrier which I really like- much cooler for baby and I, easier to put on and off and can be worn on front or back- she prefers it to a wrap now. They aren't great for a newborn but I think can be worn with the legs tucked in. I can also breastfeed her in this while walking round town. Brilliant!
    I also have a couple of mei tai carriers (soon to be selling), which are harder to put on but slightly more comfortable to wear.

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