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Discussion in 'Primary' started by starcommand, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. I'm looking for an interesting calendar idea for year 1. Would anybody mind sharing their ideas?
  2. up...

    anyone please????
  3. This works for any year group. Buy a mixture of pasta shapes or use bottle tops, ring pulls, string etc. Each child has a sheet of A4 sugar paper, glues down shapes/items in an interesting design, symmetric or othrwise or a picture. You spray each sheet silver/gold or a combination of both. Mount on red or black card, make a loop at the top with a glittery pipe cleaner, attach a calendar at the bottom with a coloured ribbon... hey presto...calendar!!

  4. Last year my Y1's did a calendar based on colours of the year. I divided A4 paper into quarters. In each quarter they stuck overlapped ripped pieces of tissue paper in colours of that season - greens and yellow for spring, yellow, orange and red - summer, orange, brown etc - autumn and blues and white and grey for winter. Laminated them and stuck calendar tabs on bottom - a funky calendar that can stay up all year round!

    Hope this helps x
  5. Suggsi

    Suggsi New commenter

    I have done a few different things

    take a pic of the child and then print it off - especially good if you have had a 'day' in school - blue day for anti bullying - or a class dress up day - then the child draws themself on the other half of the page - great to keep up all year round !

    paper circle folded into quarters and the children draw a pic for each season - caendar tab glued to a split pin - calendar can be turned to the correct season


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