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Calcutt Arms

Discussion in 'Personal' started by mixu, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. Phoenixchild

    Phoenixchild Occasional commenter

    thanks song! here bbann sour cream and chives ok?xx
  2. Buffet laid out on snooker table
  3. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    Good 0h you re-opened then Mix? Who pulled the thread then?
  4. ooooh cheese and chives, my fave PC!! How did you know?
  5. Hello shifter
  6. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    Hiya Kumby *Moves food and drink out of reach*
  7. Phoenixchild

    Phoenixchild Occasional commenter

    my fav too bbann, more sharing by the looks of it!!xx

  8. Phoenixchild

    Phoenixchild Occasional commenter

    curious now!!!!

    how did we manage to get minus 1 in the hotlist already??xx

  9. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    Any Grouse?
  10. Adds more food to pool table... tops ups drinks and burst into song

    Party Time Lyrics
    by Uriah Heep
    [ Download Uriah Heep Ringtones ] [ Send to a friend ]

    Friday night, I'm on my way
    I'm steppin' out, I've been working all day
    You better watch out, 'Cause I'm on the streets tonight

    Well it's party time, I'm all zipped up
    It's hot tonight, and I'm ready for love
    Jack me up I'm on the loose tonight

    I want a little action, some company
    No main attraction, no star on T.V.
    No long engagement, reach straight for the gun

    Party, gonna be a party
    Party, yes this is party time

    Well it's 9 o'clock, I'm all juiced up
    Gonna find a club, gonna get hooked up
    Where it's happy hour till 3 am

    She gave me 2 for 1, we made a deal
    She gave me 3 for 1, I'm thinkin' is this real
    I'll give you 4 to 1, if you let me take you home

    She said, I want some action honey, some company
    Physical attraction is good enough for me
    No misconception, I just want some fun
    No permanent arrangement as she reached for the gun

    Party, gonna be a party
    Party, yes this is party time

    Saturday I'm on my way
    Steppin' out, I've been sleeping all day
    You better watch out, cause I'm on the streets again

    Well it's party time I'm all zipped up
    I'm hot tonight and I'm ready for some love
    Jack me up, I'm on the loose tonight

    Party, gonna be a party
    Party, yes this is party time

  11. Was it something i sung?
  12. I will have to get to 100 all by myself
    Eating all the gormet food I spent days getting out the stupid packets.... who designs them!
  13. Can I have my G+T now please??
  14. Song ... i am shocked! PMSL
  15. and a Rum for me, slow in here Ace
  16. You can say that again OH I had a G+T in my hand earlier and before I could drink it woosh it was gone!!

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