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Calcutt Arms

Discussion in 'Personal' started by mixu, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. Phoenixchild

    Phoenixchild Occasional commenter

    hi mixu, hugs.xx are we going to break your prior record? see how quickly we can get to 1000 in this establishment?xx
  2. Evening Mixu

    Evening all

    Be with you in a mo for a drink

    *sits in corner of the room and busies herself with a little box of paperclips*
  3. *is Song watching harry and MD or trying not to discuss the weather as usual)
  4. It's snowing LOTS here :))

    *returns to paperclip task*
  5. What is snow?

    I saw a flake today

    By the time i got my camera out it had melted

    *song is okay i hope*
  6. It has snowed lots here today :( hate it!!
  7. Something is missing here. Something not quite right

    (almost done with me paperclips by the way)

  8. Would you like a drink Song? Hug? cuppa ...
  9. Please can I have a cuppa? It's freeeeezing!
  10. lunarita

    lunarita Established commenter

    Ahhh! Songbird! Bless you!

    Now we are the CalcuttA Arms again
  11. Phoenixchild

    Phoenixchild Occasional commenter

    lol!! well done songbird!!xx

  12. We certainly are Luna

    so, what are we all drinking?
  13. Hello PC xx
  14. Phoenixchild

    Phoenixchild Occasional commenter

    hi, more dry white for me please!xx
  15. (((((((((((((song))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  16. party time ... someone put the music on ... drinks on house....
  17. *passes dry white to PC*

    Anyone else?
  18. Oh Party - excellent

    *runs off to get more stuff*
  19. Any pringles?

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