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CAIRO, here I come!!

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by bandofgold, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Many thanks to those who gave me information regarding the school by the pyramids. I have now 'signed, sealed and delivered' and will be there in August.
    Just one, final, question: If anyone knows it, do they look after staff? This forum is full of horror stories.

  2. Should that question not have been asked before signing [​IMG]?
    I'm also off to Cairo in August too (different school). Mostly positive feed back about the school I'm going to, bar a few younger teachers who only lasted a year (which is ok by the school, anyway).
    Looking forward to it. It's 37 degree there at the moment.

  3. I must have spotted the wrong flaw
  4. bigfatgit

    bigfatgit Occasional commenter

    I doubt it! Membership goes from January to December and you said that you've not been around
    Don't tell me it's another one of your little <strike>lies</strike> errors
    To prove me wrong, why not post your membership number here?
  5. bbibbler

    bbibbler New commenter

    I will PM it to you if you promise not to use it to identify me.
  6. More porkies from the dying man, I'm sure.
    Do you know what Bibbs, the irony is I am not a member of said club...
    You were doing so well with the 'normal' postings weren't you...and then the demons returned..[​IMG]
    Bless him posters - he can't be a nice bloke for more than five or six posts and then he turns into a watanicnecourk,again. A special word where clever people can figure out the irrelevant letters.....[​IMG]
    "Good game, good game!"

  7. Well, back to the OP...as i said;
  8. I work at said school with Robby and can recommend it. I was in the same position as yu this time last year, seeking information on here. I came out in August and have nearly finished my first year at the school by the pyramids. I love it! The school does, indeed, look after its staff. It's a good community to belong to. The senior management are approachable and there is no hint of the 'us and them' mentality you get between SLT and teaching staff in the UK.
    With regards to the kids, they are generally great. Don't expect perfectly behaved robots though- kids are kids pretty much wherever you go. The ones here like a good chat and can be lazy. But have you ever met kids that aren't? And Robby's right. There's none of the rudeness and abuse you get from kids in the UK. They are generally polite and nice to staff.
    What are you going to teach?
  9. This is so so so true. I can fully recommend working with me anywhere.

  10. tit.

  11. Yup. You know me so well. [​IMG]

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