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CAF Question

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by recliningbuddah, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. recliningbuddah

    recliningbuddah New commenter

    I'm new in post and I feel these two questions are obvious, but just wanted clarity as those I work with who are well experienced/DSL trained don't seem to think to initiate CAFs immediately ...maybe it's because my training is so recent...

    1) If you have a child (teenager) at school who self harms and is under CAMHS would you automatically do a CAF?

    2) If you have a child (again a teenager) at school who was recently sectioned, when taken to A&E as parents could not keep him safe, and he was kept in for around a week whilst assessed - would you automatically do a CAF?

    Many thanks
  2. thethursdaygirl

    thethursdaygirl New commenter

    Have you spoken to the DSL and talked through your concerns, they may be able to reassure you? There may be things being initiated behind the scenes. One of the hardest parts of being a DSL is not always being able to share information due to restrictions around confidentiality.

    Additionally if there was active social services involvement this would supersede a CAF. I would be very surprised if A&E had not contacted social services for a child being sectioned.

    Would the parents involved in these cases consent to a CAF? Without consent not much can be done accept monitoring or making the case to social services that the non-consent is in itself contributing significant harm to the child.

    If you speak to them and are still concerned that safeguarding isn't being carried out appropriately contact your local safeguarding lead to discuss your concerns.

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