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CAD- ProEngineer or Solidworks or...?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by cluneyd, May 18, 2011.

  1. I have my pro e accreditation, however I moved schools this year and I purchased Solidworks because Ive used it for 8 years in industry and school.

    i was tempted by spaceclaim, however because all my resources/sows use SW I decided to stick.

    All the CAD packages are very similiar..... however SW and Spaceclaim are easier to use.

    You need to think about: how many network users you need? home users? What you going to use it for? Also at the end of the first year, can you still use the software or do you need to pay for an update?

    I would get demos and have a go.

    Im in warwickshire, so if you need to come and see how we use it (yr7-yr11), let me know.
  2. Thanks to everyone for your help...My main problem is lack of funds and decent computers...I've not heard of Spaceclaim, but I'll look into it. Thanks! CluneyD thanks for the offer, I'd love to come and see it in action, if my school ever lets me have some time off that'd be great, not too far away from me!
  3. If your budget is tiny or non existant, it may be worth your while investigating Google Sketch up.
    Some of kids used it, they were self taught.
    Its free.
    We've just started using Space Claim, initial results and feedback are promising.

  4. Thanks, I've not really tried Googlesketch up - I had a half hearted attempt to load it onto my mac and I have to admit gave up at the first hurdle when it didn't work. Do you think it's good enough for Alevel PD? Or is it really only suited to messing around at KS3? I mean could you get an STL file from it to send to a CNC router/miller?
    Thanks :)
  5. You can get free plug ins to convert to STL

    Never actually exported to machines though.
    Very impressed with the drawings the kids did but, like you I never got to grips with it as I only managed about 5 mins playing with it. And since we were scheduled to get Space Claim I didnt pursue it.

    A quick search on Google Sketchup STL brought up loads of info, there is a newsletter which may be of help for ideas and short cuts. With it being Google, i'd expect there to be lots of info readilly available.
    Good luck, sorry I havnt got more definitive answers
  6. At my school we use both Google Sketchup and Solidworks. I am a Pro Desktop trainer, but I do not like the inflexibility when things go wrong and pupils cannot go back and fix it.
    We start pupils off on sketch up and quickly move them onto Solidworks so they can see the difference between free and priced 3D CAD. The pupils like Solidworks but I am not keen on their own tutorials and I have started writing my own (I-pod). Once pupils have grasped the basics they are soon flying and prefer the photo realistic quality of Solidworks rendering. Like I say we are only in our first year of usage but I do like Solidworks. We also make use of 2D Design V2 and export their 2D drawings so they can quickly make 3D parts.
    Spaceclaim is cheaper in the long run as you have an up front fee to pay for solidworks.
  7. We are in the process of deciding whether to buy solidworks or desktop, have got pro-engineering but not able to run it. We are in Warwickshire and would like to take up your offer to visit your school if still available.Please email jane@thesycamores.com
  8. Well having had some training on SpaceClaim last night I can say its very easy to use and most of the people at the session loved it. Some are on Pro Desktop, some use Google Sketchup. It has the oh so familiar back arrow to remove things you don't want or didn't mean to do and in an hour and a half we had done all the stuff it took me 2 days to learn how to do on Pro Desktop.
    The school we visited have had it installed and have been running it with Year 9 and Year 7 and they love it as well. Short step by step video tutorials are being developed, follow the links on my ealier post to YouTube.
    Just wish I could persuade someone that it would be a good investment, but not from my misery budget!

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