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BYOD monitoring

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by kindling_not_vessels, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. We've started allowing pupils to bring in their own laptops and I 'be re-drafted our acceptable use policy to require installation of monitoring software. Otherwise the little darlings will run rings around the staff playing and hiding games during lessons. However, some pupils I really want to encourage won't bring their laptops in because of the privacy issues. Log files collect info 24/7.

    Does anyone know of monitoring software that can be configured to be inactive at certain times of the day ?. We currently use ab tutor.
  2. madcat

    madcat Occasional commenter

    I keep seeing this as solution for BOYD monitoring, but I do wonder does it really work ?
    Maybe it is just that your students are more acquiescent than our own
    I can't believe any student in their right mind would let you put monitoring software on their own laptop in the first place (and how do you cope with 'other devices'?)
    If I were a student, I'd just use a 3G dongle and by-pass the school's wifi/monitoring - which is exactly what a focus group of year 12s told us, when we talked through various school wifi options with them.
    We 're still looking at the problem. But with the growth in ownership of 3G (and soon 4G) smart phones/tablets etc I think we'll have to forget the unit monitoring and hope that education and peer monitoring (grassing-up to you and me) will work
    Not very satisfactory I know , but very much based on the reality of the situation

  3. Thanks for your thoughts, so have you heard of any particular monitoring software that can be configured to only be active in school time ?
  4. I'd avoid installing such software, if it is gathering info on students own laptops, you are looking at a privacy/data protection nightmare waiting to happen.

    I would be surprised if students allowed this to be installed in the first place, it says a lot about how much they value their own privacy in this age of facebook and twitter.

    If the software that you are looking for has a timer, what about holidays, and other users using the laptop eg adults at home - you would be gathering logs on their activities as well, is this data stored centrally on your network??

    By all means monitor your own equipment but this sounds like you could end up with a lot of problems out of this.
  5. I've looked deeper into the monitoring software and found options for applying settings according to the time /day.

    As far as privacy concerns go, we give them the option of using their device in school - and having the monitoring software installed, or doing without and not using it in shool. Since it's installation is optional and they are all made aware of it's features then there is no privacy/data protection problem.
  6. madcat

    madcat Occasional commenter

    I know you are determined to go ahead with this. But, if i were you, I'd get the school's solicitor to review this policy before you go ahead.
    As macsare' states you could be heading for some problems.
    We have a fair few parents who will argue the toss about any disclaimer or contract they have to sign - your student's parents are signing something aren't they ?. - which causes no end of headaches.
    But anyway, I am more interested to find out what montioring software you went with . I couldn't find anything that would work reliably with both PCs and Mac (not to mention ipads, android tablets/phones etc)
  7. nathanielbrown

    nathanielbrown New commenter

    If you just want to monitor what they are doing online use a transparent proxy. You don't have to set anything up on the computers and it will log all internet traffic.The main issue that you will have is linking the IP address with the user. You can resolve this by using allocated IP addresses. Students would have to apply for an IP address to access the network and give you their MAC address. Otherwise you could do keep the DHCP logs as well and use them to figure out who had which IP address at which time.
    This won't provide desktop monitoring but it will provide HTTP monitoring (but notHTTPS monitoring).

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