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Buying Premium Resources

Discussion in 'English' started by CarloIlyas, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. CarloIlyas

    CarloIlyas New commenter

    I'm looking to purchase some decent English resources; it's hard work trying to plan all these lessons with two young 'uns always getting in the way. Anyone got any recommendations? I've bought some decent ones for the new AQA Langauge curriculum but could do with some for Literature, specifically Macbeth and The Sign of Four.
  2. Manbooker

    Manbooker New commenter

    The Cambridge School Shakespeare texts offer lots of teaching ideas alongside the scripts. EMC are always brilliant - I think they may have just released a resource for The Sign of Four. Zigzag are sometimes good but lack consistency. You can look at samples before you buy.

    How big is your department? Could you not share the workload with colleagues then adapt ideas to suit your teaching style?

    I'd be interested to hear what resources you've found helpful for the AQA Lang curriculum.
  3. CarloIlyas

    CarloIlyas New commenter

    Cheers, I'll have a look into that; I've already downloaded some of the Cambridge School Shakespreare texts, they're very useful. I'm taking a lead on KS4 literature so unfortunately the onus is on me. Downloaded some lessons on AQA English Language Paper 1 from the link below, saved me a lot of time.


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