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Buying knives

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by lemonsqueeezy, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. My husband has asked for a cleaver for his birthday :-o
    I was wandering if these people/knives are any good?
  2. My husband has asked for a cleaver for his birthday :-o
    I was wandering if these people/knives are any good?
  3. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    Excellent, Sabatier are good knives and Nisbets supply the catering trade and schools. It's a good price so get it. I'm still using a set of Sabatier knives I bought 40 years ago!
  4. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

  5. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    Should you be worried? [​IMG]
  6. [​IMG] hope not!!!
    I'll purchase later. Might buy some smaller dinner plates too - in an attempt to reduce portion size (and our waistlines)

  7. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    My Sabatiers were a wedding present 20 years ago and I still use them every single day - a fab present!
  8. I have never in my life needed a full knife set.
    I have three which I constantly use - my bread knife, my "CQ's knife for doing basically everything from peeling veg to boning meat" knife (from Thomas) and a tiny curved knife that I use to do fiddly stuff such as flicking out apple seeds.
  9. Si N. Tiffick

    Si N. Tiffick Occasional commenter

    That's true enough, CQ! I've got a very good set of knives, but I only ever use a decent sized chef's knife, anda small kitchen devil knife for veg prep etc, plus I ocassionally use my cleaver for wollopping through bones for soup or curries. The rest of them sit idly in their fancy knife roll.
  10. Well I've ordered my cleaver and then spent hours browsing the crockery and have bought some nice 24cm plates. Just a little smaller but hopefully durable..[​IMG]
    Excellent! Thanks for all the advice
  11. Sorry!
    I bought 5 Sab kives in a Stellar block for Climber's 30th (18 years ago) The price should be about £60, any more and you have been hasty!. link
    We looked at sharpeners and bought a 2 stage Chef's Choice sharpener link as recommended by a Sabatier site and a cheffy friend. Only a tenner andwidely used and recommended by lots of foody sites!
    I have recommended this combination to many friends and no-one has beaten me up yet! £70 and you will never need another kitchen knife.
    I would agree that you probably only need 3 of them, bread, parer or all purpose and the 'cooks knife' but buying them separately without a block would be about £40 - 50 anyway. So the block was, for us, the best choice.
    <img alt=" />
  12. If you want good knives make sure the metal runs alll the way through the handle. Sabatier were very trendy years ago, however, are still a good knife.
  13. I've had my Le Cruset pans for 20years . A really good investment !
  14. TRENDY!!!!!! TRENDY!!!
    I hope not! I thought that all those funny handled Japanese knives were the trendy ones!
    Sabs are just well made blades, no frills, the chefs choice.
    PLEASE don't tell me they have ever been in fashion!!!!
  15. It is true about making sure the metal runs through the shaft though.
    Unfortunately, I don't possess anything trendy.
    I did once possess a trendy Alessi corkscrew. It was a wedding present and one of the few things I kept (of the wedding presents) post divorce.
    Until after 13 years of possessing it a muscle bound mate with only half a brain (ok, he was drunk) managed to break it.
    I guess 13 really is an unlucky number after all.

  16. Absolutely! Probably the single most important thing after the blade edge!

    Alessi corkscrew - get you! (Assuming it wasn't the one shaped like a parrot, or the ones that look like Magritte men without the apple).
  17. I have no idea why it was bought for us (we didn't have a wedding present list) and neither of us are "trendy".
    It was this one (but purple)
  18. A Mrs Magritte!!
    I'm re-thinking my mental image of you now, CQ [​IMG]
  19. LOL - please remember I didn't choose it myself.
    Most of my stuff is battered but practical and anything BUT trendy!

  20. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    We had roast (free range organic) chicken with roast potatoes, pur&eacute;ed sweet potatoes, grren beans and cauliflower followed by cheese and then apple strudel with cinnamon ice cream.
    The house now smells of stock!!


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