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Buying a 2nd hand car - help!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Frances1985, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Hello all,

    I test drove a 2nd hand car this morning from a garage and really liked it. It's reasonably priced for a 3 year old car. The 1 thing I forgot to ask (I'll admit I don't know a lot about cars, have been speaking a lot with my dad to help me!) was if the garage provides a standard 1 year basic mechanical warranty (at no extra charge). My dad seems to think this is standard practice but isn't 100% sure. Obviously there are various warranties you can buy, but should they be offering a 1 year standard warranty included in the price of the car? The sales guy didn't mention it (but why would he I suppose when he is trying to sell the more expensive ones).

  2. Hi usually its 6mths warranty- with 1 year warranties usually only for more expensive or almost new cars.
    Your main things to ask are:
    MOT- this should be in place before you buy
    6mth warranty
    previous owners
    any crashes
    full service history
    get a set of car mats out of him too
  3. polly2

    polly2 New commenter

    I agree with sparky but it is worth your while asking. I just part exchanged my old car and I know the couple who bought it from me got a two year warrenty so different garages provide different packages. What type of car is it? I part exchanged my old car after four years with a really low milage. To everyone else a bargain but I know that in the time I had it I was crashed into twice and I broke down so many times this year that my RAC callout has run out and the garage who fix my car are doing really well this year financially! I spent near £2000 on repairs this year alone - remember four years old. I part exchanged knowing that I was exchanging for a brand new car and that the garage would check my old car and fix any issues. They also offered a good warrenty which made me feel less guilty.
    I had a telephone call last week from the new owner (I think they found my name in the log book and then looked in the telephone book as the garage assured me my number was not passed on) - they wanted to know about the car they had just purchased. I told them the truth and although not ecstatic he did say it seems as though the car was running ok at the moment and agreed that I had had a lot of repairs done to the vehicle when I owned it so would probably be fine.
    I guess what I am saying is is do make sure you ask questions. I think Sparky has given some really good advice - don't forget to barter. Bare this in mind - they gave me £3000 for my old car. I drove to the car garage the following week to be nosy and saw it for sale at the cost of £4750!
  4. Ignore me - wrong thread!

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