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BUSS1 paper - Were the grade boundaries dropped?

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by flybe, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. flybe

    flybe New commenter


    Can anyone tell me if the results from today included a drop in grade boundary.

    It seems every one who received a E percentage has received a D. B is no an A etc.

    I will go through one to ones to morrow and it is my first year of teaching. I would not know how to advise them on their current grade and how it affects the final grade they wish to achieve. How they work out what is needed to get their required grade and if it is worth retaking?

  2. The results are not out until tomorrow. You should not have this information yet.
  3. The grade boundary for a single unit is totally irrelevant anyway. The only thing that matters is the total uniform marks gained from all units, and the overall grade boundaries. The grade boundaries in terms of uniform marks don't change from year to year: what changes is the way the raw marks are converted to uniform marks.
  4. Bougalou didn't you know, you can log in to the exam board website and get the results the day before the pupils get them (on Edexcel anyway)?
  5. Only exams officers can access the day before as far as I'm aware. Teachers cannot see until the day on AQA

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