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Business WJEC

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by sobhan, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. Hi

    Is there anyone out there who is doing the WJEC controlled assessment, GCSE Business studies, its the first time I am doing the course this year. I am planning to do the "investigating the marketing strategies adopted by a number of small scale retailers and those of a larger retailer".

    Has anyone got any plans/guidance/ or ideas for this task.

    Really appreciated.
  2. Totally80s

    Totally80s New commenter

    Not even thought that far in advance yet! Later this term I'll have a look and think about it but in the meantime email or phone WJEC for help/advice.
  3. Thanks, have done need some ideas really!!!!
  4. Hi, I'm in the same boat too, so you are not totally alone...I've discussed it with the School examinations officer, and currently thinking ahead too. Not sure which one I'm going to choose yet though. Perhaps we can share some ideas at some point once i've got my head around a few more things.
  5. danlee

    danlee New commenter

    Hi, yes, this CA is the same as I am doing. It is fairly easy. We got our pupils to research Tesco, a cafe and a small electrical store. The cafe owner came in to do a presentation.

    Plan is to teach the marketing unit and then get pupils to do the research. I provided some material but they found the rest.

    The only problem with the task is that I think comparing three tasks is too much in a 2000 word piece of work.

  6. try the new business studies resource form focus educational. It covers all topic areas and relates directly to a cornish ice cream business and covers it from cow to consumer. Really useful resource with lots on interaction, videos, visuals and quizzes
  7. if you go on the secure area of the WJEC website their is some example controlled assessments and there was one similar in title to this years which you can have a look at to stat you off.

    I contacted a local large retailer and they came in and answered the students questions for some primary research. lots of stuff online for evidence about promotion and products.

    the students then have picked two small local retailers and have visited them to collect other information. including photos and a questionnaire.
  8. I don't know which clown from the exam board thought up such ridiculous titles for the CA this year. The vast majority you wouldn't go anywhere near if you wanted your kids to do well. The only semi-inviting one concerns the marketing one and yet students have to independently research and write up a report into 3 businesses! It's way too much. What's wrong with comparing one large and one small? Why add a third? It's clear these people sat in their offices have forgotten what its actually like teaching year 11 kids in schools. I can see it now what will happen - they do tonnes of research into the 3 businesses and then struggle to write analytically or evaluatively about the marketing approaches of the 3 firms because they have sooooooo much information to wade through. I'm seriously considering jumping ship to a different exam board if the CAs are as bad next time.
  9. heres one business u can use: www.focuseducational.com/.../98. if you research the company, they have 3 businesses in one: the farm, the holiday lets and the ice cream factory
  10. I have checked with the exam officer at the WJEC and he stated that it must be three retail business

    Is a cafe a true retail business? If so then I may let mine lot do hairdressers that sell products. I would appreciate other's views on the matter
  11. danlee

    danlee New commenter

    I'm doing a bar/cafe
  12. Firstly, I think 3 businesses is far to much for them to analyse in 2000 words. We have let our students choose their own businesses and carry out their research themselves. Plenty have chosen to do cafes...
  13. I have just finished mine, I did the marketing task. I think it went well and my class enjoyed doing it. I didn't have a problem with investigating the three retailers as the local retailers had simple strategies that compared clearly with the large one. A word of warning, I contacted the board and they'd aid a cafe should not be used as it is not retailer

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