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Business Studies resource sharing - A2 Business Studies

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by revisionstation, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Hiyah
    The first year I "did" A Level Business I was like a bunny in the headlights. I worked in a team with a woman who told me that there <u>was</u> a folder of resources BUT that I could not see it - I would have to make my own. She waved the folder at me and smiled, then pushed it into a drawer and locked it in front of me. About a year later I saw the folder out on a desk, I had a quick furtive glance through and I was shocked - the material was really dated and too simple for A Level e.g. Wordsearches and Gapfills. The moral of this is - quite often you are on your own (even in a team) and what you produce will be a million times better than anyone elses stuff anyway.
    In the mean time come and plunder free stuff here:

    Shameless plug for my site: www.revisionstation.co.uk or e-mail me direct for help: revisionstation@hotmail.co.uk if you just want answers to a few questions or a resource on something in particular :0)


    Sarah Hilton :0))

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