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Business Studies OCR F297

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by PDW2677, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Does anyone have exemplar materials for F297 for A2 OCR Business? I have tried to access but they appear not to provide any and I have students keen to see examples of actually marked good practice pieces. Other Boards seem to supply them in abundance but not OCR. Any help appreciated, can provide email address for attachments or school address for copies and will reimburse. P Woody
  2. hi
    i got one of my students papers back in 2011 - he got a grade A
    if you let me have an email i will send you the pdf version without his name on it so you can use the script and marks on the paper
  3. cement

    cement New commenter

    Absolutely typical replies from Business Studies teachers on TES in reply 2 and 3. 'Give me,give me,give me' What,never had an A Grade student in your class? No idea what an A grade looks like? Take out the Mark scheme and get a better understanding of it yourself? That's what I did and my teaching at A Level has significantly improved. My results have been good too. Try it sometimes folks.
  4. Hi
    Please could you email me a copy of this A grade exemplar ? Many thanks. Let me know if you would like any resources
  5. cement get over yourself - if you don't want to share don't.
    Yes i know what an A grade looks like its why i get A*s with my classes. But i have found it helps my students to see an answer written by another student in exam conditions about what is expected rather than what i write. Because no matter how we try we are not going to write an answer like an 18 year old considering we have a lot more knowledge etc than them.
    Yes your probably going to have ago at how i have written this reply but i don't care - i have a life as evidenced by not being on TES on christmas day.
    Hi guys i can only send the files if i have an email address. So message me and i will send it on its way.
  6. glynmanton

    glynmanton New commenter

    I agree with Bus Girl - also by sharing "marked" work students get a better understanding of when a level is given by an examiner - this helps students and teachers use marking schemes as a tool- Students when attempting work do like to see the "big picture" These papers are great for this
  7. Would it be possible for me to access this copy also, NQT and struggling, it would be a big help. mauragcryan@hotmail.com. I would massively appreciate it.
  8. would appreciate a copy for my sixth form class

    email is

    feel free to ask for any resources so #i can return the favour
  9. Hi busgirl

    This is my first year teaching F297 and I would really appreciate a copy of your A grade answer. My email address is tausie@hotmail.com.

    Many Thanks, it is very much appreciated.
  10. adelejanebrown

    adelejanebrown New commenter

    I am a GTP who is attempting to get my year 13 class through F297 and would appreciate any examplar work from previous years that anyone may be willing to share. Thanks
  11. Can I have a copy as well please? brett.l@live.com :)
  12. Hi busgirl, I have just started my PGCE and was wondering if you could email me a copy of this and any others you have (echinnery@outlook.com) as I will find them extremely useful, many thanks :)

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