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Business Studies NQT

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by Countrygirl_78, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Countrygirl_78

    Countrygirl_78 New commenter

    Hello there! Just wanted to get in contact with some other Business teachers who fancied sharing stories and good practice with me. I have a fab department but I am the only NQT in the whole school and sometimes I'd love to discuss ideas and planning with someone who is either an NQT too or a more experienced Business teacher.
    I'm at a stage where I'm not sure if I'm cut out for the teaching lark...it's all quite overwhelming, some positive feedback from others would be much appriciated.
  2. Hi, wanted to share a comment with you to reassure you whatever you are going through is normal. My description of your first few years teaching is this:
    1st Year - absolutely awful, hours and hours of planning lessons, finding resources, marking homework, tests etc and generally getting to grips with everything including difficult and challengin students.
    2nd Year - still very hard work, but as confidence is growing you start to manage the workload and have a basic bank of resources on which you are now building. You have also learnt a lot of classroom management skills
    3rd Year - actually starting to really enjoy the job now, managing everything much better. Have learnt that I can control my workload by sometimes accepting the resources I have are good enough and don't have to continually be looking for better and better ideas especially if I'm a bit bogged down with marking one particular week.
    4th Year (me now) - great job, still have the odd 'bad day' but doesn't everyone in any job. Now confident and comfortable enough to be redesigning my courses and bringing lots of new methods on board.
    So, stick with it and remember every day you are building your knowledge & experience. If you are teaching AQA 'A' level business studies I can share some resources with you.
    Good Luck & stick with it.
  3. revisionstation

    revisionstation New commenter

    Hi there
    First - please stick at it. April/May are grim times as we dig deep for extra energy to inch students / pupils toward exams, assignments or controlled assessments.
    It does get better.
    I have been teaching now for 15 years and nothing beats the buzz when a lesson goes well. When you take kids to the front of the school to hold a picket line (trade unions) or you decide to teach critical path analysis using jelly tots and cocktail sticks. This is a lesson I have planned for Friday so will just have to hope that its a vote winner with the kids.
    I know NQTs that are in their early 20's that go home and have a nap after school. This is OK and normal. Yes there is lots of planning, yes the kids can act up but it does get better. The kids get to know you and if you have the energy in the lesson they will get into the swing pretty quickly.
    Also the joy of solving a problem your way far outweighs any "normal" job. For example a student I had was late, late always late. Year 13 so beyond a ticking off, this was a private school where his father was main contributor. Hmmmm I lay awake at night plotting how I was going to get this kid in before 15 mins of the lesson had gone by.... after many failed attempts - I came to this very forum for inspiration and came across a story of how to get latecomers to turn in. A kitkat quiz. A quick quiz in the first 5 mins all over and done with. He strolls in and lo and behold the whole group are stuffing their faces with their hard won prizes. "Oh I'm sorry XXXXXX the quiz was the starter for the lesson its over now, WHAT a shame you missed it".... worked a treat.
    Store the good days, ignore the bad and sometimes be prepared to shred your worksheet and do something more practical instead....
    All the best e-mail / tweet me direct if you need more support old bean, we busibodies need to stick together.
  4. Hi, how are you? I am desperate for any resources l can use for BTEC Level 2 (People in Organisations) Unit 4. Just got allocated this week and l am a newly qualifed teacher FE.
    Any activities l can do?


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