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Business Studies capability

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by internationalschools, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. internationalschools

    internationalschools New commenter

    Capability can be pursued when a teacher REPEATEDLY fails to meet the professional standard required. There is no way it could be invoked after one poor set of results for one group. Have you checked how those particular students compare in your subject compared to their otehr subjects? Business Studs tends to attract weaker, less motivated students so they may have underachieved in otehr areas too. Keep your chin up - there isn't a teacher among us with long service who hasn't had any results disappointments in their career - the STUDENTS have failed their exam, not you!
  2. cag29

    cag29 New commenter

    Hiya, my aqa gcse results were lower than I thought too for some students, unit 1 especially! I think the papers were marked harshly and so do some other teachers in other centres which reassured me. I also had a look at the enhanced results analysis on e-aqa which compares other similar centres and found that we performed well in comparison. Check this out too, if you don't have access see your exam officer for a login. Also the moderator reports are also on there. Please dont worry about it you are not alone and as someone else said the kids sit the exams not us!
  3. This data is called Epass- worth a look and should be out by the end of the month.
  4. robsonbusiness

    robsonbusiness New commenter

    Hi I have just seen this please don't worry about capability, I am a HOD and last term our head nearly started capability on the other business teacher. for much more than what you are saying
    If you would like to talk more inbox me or email me
  5. Hi
    Thanks so much for your reply. My Unit One Year 10 resulkts were particularly poor and I have made the decision to change to EDXCEL for my Year 10 students as I found founbd AQA to be quite poor. Thanks for the advice on Results Analysis on EAQA I have had a look at thsi and I can now see where my students lost marks and on which questions.

    Tnaks again for you're kind words and supportt.

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