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Business Lead IV

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by Rappers1, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. OK - getting a real bee in the bonnet about this.
    Sample unit 2 is missing an assessment critertia and is confused with unit 1. Question asks whether assignment allows learner to achieve P1 which it does not. I answered no. BTEC said YES????????
  2. I've just found out that I failed the test too. I've looked at the mark scheme and do not agree with some of their decisions. Feeling really fed up about it - I spent 7 hours on it!
  3. Think i may appeal on Monday. Cannot see any possible way i could agree with some of their decisions. Glad its not just me though!
  4. rambhai

    rambhai New commenter

    I have failed OSCA as well. I disagree with SSV. The assignment is poor, assessment is not up to L2 and IV was not effective. Yet still SSV agress that the brief is good, assessment is accurate etc. The standard was so poor that I cannot believe SSV feedback. I certainly would not accept this standard in our centre. By the way I passed Btec L2 ICT LIV!
  5. rambhai

    rambhai New commenter

    Sorry, I would like to appeal how do it?
  6. rambhai

    rambhai New commenter

    Stressed after all that work- how do I do it?
  7. I got my results today and have also failed. It seems bizarre and am really frustrated as a quality nominee, what advice can I give the others???
  8. <font size="2">I&rsquo;m a Quality Nominee who has also failed this test. </font><font size="2">I have analysed Edexcel's answers and can only conclude that they are happy to let student work through that is not up to standard!</font><font size="2">I cannot see the point of putting the rest of my staff through this process as it appears that we have higher standards than Edexcel. We may as well boycott this process and have the EV which has worked out well in the past. </font>
  9. Got to be too much of a coincidence here. Im a qual nom too (and an A level examiner, with D units from the old GNVQ days) who sailed through the other areas i am lead IV for. First thing monday i am on to the regional quality manager and then edexcel.
  10. rambhai

    rambhai New commenter

    I trained Leisure and Tourism and Sports, ict colleagues - they have passed OSCA2 and I failed Btec Business!
    I have emailed my regional office and edexcel my concern over accepting poor standard of work. I hope other centres will contact edexcel/reegional office so something can be done about it. SSV from Business area obviously rushed it and did not know what he was doing!

  11. Emailed regional quality manager today!
  12. mathsman

    mathsman Occasional commenter

    I've heard that if you have an EV visit this year, and that you are the named contact person on the paperwork, you will automatically be the lead IV person next year - regardless if you have passed the OSCA2 test!
    Have decided not to go for the test. Firstly, was irked that Edexcel would want me to do their work for them for no pay. If they can pay their EVs then why not me? [​IMG]. Also, because we have such a small business team delivering the units, I would be looking at work that I had assessed or IV'd - which brings about a conflict of interest and would be ethically dodgy.
  13. Address to write to is...


    On P3 of the material (part 1) it says the IV asked for the materials to be re-written and the sample material only contains the final version. Task 1 relates to a criteria from unit 1, not unit 3 making the assignment confusing and unfit for purpose. P3 and P5 are missing completely.
    Am i missing something here? Is the key to passing OSCA 2 being able to let anything through?
  14. I've just emailed Edexcel to express my concern over the quality of the test. I failed it and believe that the quality of sample work/assignment brief was dreadful - I don't feel that the test was a true reflection of my ability to be a lead IV. Will wait to see if I get any response.
  15. rambhai

    rambhai New commenter

    Just had reply from Edexcel - assessment set by expereinced SSV and Principal examiner and been told to read the summary!!
    Has anyone else heard?
  16. I have also failed .............. I consider myself as the BTEC expert ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I spent over 7 hours on this ................ I have taught BTEC / voc ed since time began ................ I too dont agree with the ssv summary
    Oh well.
    One thing that does surprise me is the absence of any comment from the usual Edexcel "sales" force. I wonder why..... any comments Colin?

  17. Get on to your quality manager. I did and mine is looking into it. Edexcel have made a colossal balls up it seems.
  18. Having looked at the Travel and Tourism, Business and H & S Care. I found that Business was the most difficult and vague.
  19. I have been an External Verifier for business for the last 6 years and also failed the assessment. I spent at least 10 hours on the whole process. I took on the advice given in the practice assessment answers although often disagrering with them only to find that my original answers were the correct ones and consequently failed. I fell really disallusioned.
  20. Must admit I found OSCA OK. Sometimes it depended on what time of day I looked at things as I changed some answers when I looked at them when less tired. As with any system it&rsquo;s not perfect &ndash; yet. Without BTEC we&rsquo;d be sunk as a centre and I think we have to trust Edexcel to get it right. We were wary when they went to postal EVs but it worked OK so we need to have faith. Suggest centres make use of their RQM. We did. The training we got was excellent and put us on the right road.
    SSVs will be teachers like us and, therefore, not perfect. Providing they, and Edexcel, respond positively to feedback (do I get a Level for AfL here??) the system will improve and we&rsquo;ll all benefit. Let&rsquo;s not panic yet.


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