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Business GCSE

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by pest1, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Have just spent the last 2 years taking a very mixed ability group through the AQA Business GCSE and have not been happy with the results so far. Have seen from the forums that others have felt the same. I am currently trying to decide which qualification to deliver next academic year and wondered what others felt of the Edexcel or OCR.
    As the groups I teach, tend to be more heavily biased towards the lower abilities, wondered about delivering a Business Communication Systems GCSE. Have looked at these, and they all have their pros and cons. If you deliver one of these can you let me know your thoughts. All pupils I teach will sit the OCR single GCSE in ICT. How does this affect the BCS?
    Thank you for giving your thoughts.
  2. Hi,

    My advice would be to swap to the Edexcel GCSE in Business. It has a core unit + controlled assessment both worth 50% of the mark (and can be claimed as a short course if you wish) the other 50% is from either a Business & Communications, Business or Economics unit. It give you the freedom to assess your cohort year by year when choosing the final 5o%.

    Very felxible and tonnes of free resources too.

  3. Wish I had read that before posting - apologies for spelling oooohps.
  4. Thank you, I will look more closely into the Edexcel course
  5. glynmanton

    glynmanton New commenter

    I agree with EDEXCEl - y10 is great some brilliant creative activities that engage!
  6. robsonbusiness

    robsonbusiness New commenter

    i moved from AQA to edexcel!!

  7. <font size="2">Hi - I have just been going though my class results this year and found them very disappointing! AQA are supposed to be a 'harder' exam board but I feel they made it too hard for the students to do well. I am now taking ALL my students though the BTEC - at least they know where they stand with that! I have previously used ICAA (CCE) where I got much better results. </font><font size="2">Regards</font> <font size="2">Naz Khawaja</font>
  8. Hi Jamie,

    We started the Edecel GCSE business course this year and I am just starting Unit $ Business Comms. Do you teach this Unit and if so where did you find good resources? I cn find very little. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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