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Bursary's/Grants/Fees - confused! Please help

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by StarbabyCat, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. StarbabyCat

    StarbabyCat New commenter

    From what I've read, it wouldn't be possible to pay the tuition fee with the bursary- its paid monthly in installments, and the tuition fees up front. I'm not sure about just applying for the grant. I'd say don't let the debt put you off- its more like an extra tax when you start earning. I've got a huge pile of debt too- 30k plus after the pgce.
  2. Bursaries are paid monthly. And I'm 99% sure you can't just apply for a grant because the theory is that only the people with the lowest incomes get the grants. If you don't need a loan then you won't need a grant sort of thinking! As mentioned before, don't let the debt put you off, you pay back so little each month when you start earning and the loan itself is very low interest.
  3. Do student finance take things like travel into consideration? It's going to cost me a bomb in petrol just to go back and forth everyday. And it's not like I could have applied to the course in my hometown, because they had to cancel the course because their funding was cut!
  4. StarbabyCat

    StarbabyCat New commenter

    Crunchy- no, nothing like that. It's based on income solely. I got my confirmation through the post last week. I'm very happy seeing as I earn very very little at the moment and we live on OH's income alone.
  5. ml01omm

    ml01omm New commenter

    So, I emailed the University, and they said it is possible to pay the tuition fees in installments, whichis good. However, the lady then went on to say that I am not allowed to use my bursary to pay my fees ( which apparently is why they pay the bursary monthly, to try and stop this?), surely if it is my bursary though, I can do what I like with it?

    She also said I had to apply to Student FInance England to get a tuition fee loan before I would be eligable to apply for a bursary anyway?

    Even more confused now, as I thought the bursarys came via the TDA?
    Gah, if only I'd applied back in 2004, I'd have had a 10k bursary, £1,150 in tuition fees and that would be the end of it!
  6. StarbabyCat

    StarbabyCat New commenter

    I personally wouldn't use the bursary to pay the fees. Anyway, you need to enrol to be entitled to get the bursary, the first fee payment would be before. As you say, its your bursary but I'd rather just use the tuition fee loan, it goes straight to my uni and I never have to worry about it. Then just pay my extra 'tax' when I'm earning (hopefully!)
    I'm going to put my bursary into a savings account, and keep it for a rainy day. My reasoning is my sis is doing her Primary PGCE this year and she didn't get one. Its just a little bonus for me (£5k for my 2:1 Secondary History).
  7. Was there any update on this? I'm just applying for my loan(s) and I was under the impression that the bursary would pay (part of) my fees. There doesn't seem to be much clear advice elsewhere online...

    V confused!!

    Thanks, all.
  8. sparkleshine

    sparkleshine New commenter

    I think the others have answered the fee/bursary questions fairly well, so I'll take the grant one.
    Yes, if your household income is within/below the income threshold, you can just apply to student finance for a grant. In the loan request section of the application form just tick N/A or input 0 for your tuition fee loan and maintenance loan.The grant is a maximum of £3250, dependent upon household income.
  9. Hi All,
    Like the original poster, I am 29. Anyone over the age of 25 does not have to state their income/household earnings even if living with parents. I would go back to my parents for the year but I have a mortgage now and a kitten so it would make it a bit tricky. Bursaries have nothing to do with loans/grants from Student Finance and the two are separate. The bursary should be paid to you through your university. I don't understand why they won't allow someone to pay their tuition fee with their bursary- as you mention, it's your money so why not? I am studying a Primary PGCE and will have a £9k bursary plus a tuition fee loan, a maintenance loan and a grant so I have applied for all the finance available. My institution has asked for the tuition fee up front if we don't have a tuition fee loan but, if we do, then that will come from Student Finance I think. I was sent an email on Wednesday to say that my student finance application has been updated however when I log in they say there has been an error (surprise, surpise) but I am expecting it to say my application has been accepted when it starts working again. I did have a moment of frustration last week when I spoke to someone at Student Finance who said I would have to have my income tested. This is rubbish though and I called back and spoke to someone else who clarified this. If you're over 25, there's no income assessment whatsoever. So, if you are over 25, then you don't need to worry about evidence and you should be entitled to all the financial support.
  10. I am doing a PGCE this year and I know people that have paid their fees using their bursary. If the dates don't match up you could get an interest free overdraft and use that until the bursary comes in. You will get a bursary payment before the fees are taken though. I applied for all student finance I could (inc. loan). A lot of poeple recommend this because its the cheapest money you will ever borrow and I have managed to save £5000 so far for a deposit on a house etc.
  11. Hi everyone,
    I think Natsie is correct, the training bursary isn't linked in any way to student finance. On the Department for Education website there is no mention of this. I really hope this is the case as I'm starting a Primary PGCE in September, and like many other people, plan to pay my fees with my bursary. Advice from my university has been slightly confusing on this one, but it seems to suggest it is possible! I really don't want to go down the student loan route - it's taken 10 years to pay my husband's student loan off, and we don't really want another one! I've been taking on extra music teaching work (luckily I'm self employed) and saving frantically...
  12. ml01omm

    ml01omm New commenter

    Thanks for the all the information.
    Having looked at the economics of it all, and done some calculations ( well, an excel spreadsheet), I think I might take out the tuition fee loan after all.
    I need to buy a car for the course, and one day hope to have finally scrimped together enough to get a mortgage. Looking at the proposed repayment rates ( which I assume would be April 2014 - even though every website I look at is only geared toward those who are starting undergrad with the new scheme) - the tuition fee loan repayment rates will be lower each month in terms of effect on disposable income, than a car loan, and much less than the additional mortgage repayments. So I figure I'll take the 9k fee loan, and that way of the 9k of my bursary that would have gone on fees, I can throw £4k at a second hand car , and put £5k in the 'desposit for a house' savings account.

    Now I just need the strength to deal with Student Finance England. If they are anything like the Student Loans Company then I think I will be pulling my hair out.
  13. In a nutshell...does anyone know what I will be entitled to - I am 29, quitting a well paid job to do a pgce. I'm renting my house out and moving in with my girlfriend who earns less than £25k a year. So am I correct in thinking I could get £3250 as a free grant? As well as the tuition fee loan?
  14. Because the grant is means tested, they can't assess how much you're entitled to without your household income. The loan and grant change in relation to one another depending on this.
  15. Hi,
    I imagine it's because you said you didn't want the maintenance loan. I don't think you can have the grant without the loan. As you're 29, your allowance will not be based on income so I don't think it's because of this.
  16. ml01omm

    ml01omm New commenter

    I heard back from Student Finance England today with my "Finance Offer" and it was good news!

    You CAN get the Maintenance Grant in full, without applying for the maintenance loan. So I am going to receive £3,250 in a grant, and the £9k tuition fee loan that I will never see.
    Glad that's all sorted! Odd to think that I am going to be financially better off doing my PGCE this year, than if I had done it before the age of 25. Anyhoo...now I can afford to but a new laptop for all the essay writing, so happy days!

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