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Bursary for Maths Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by magsbrown, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Hi All

    Im in the process of submitting an application for Maths PGCE, in the knowledge (having spoken at length to the course leader) that I will need to complete a SKE course prior to commencing PGCE.
    When I started looking into this last year, I discovered that as well as there being no fee for the SKE course, students were eligible for a bursary of around £200 per week, I now can find no information to confirm that this bursary is still available.
    Does anyone know if this changed when the government introduced the stepped bursary entitlement based on degree class for PGCE?
  2. I'm on Maths SKE course (the long one though, 12 units) and the bursary is £4,800for the duration, which was divided into 5 equal payments. My course runs from January until end of May. best to ask PGCE co-ordinatoror someone from PGCE team directly as it may vary. My Uni send me a brochure on SKE they run following my interview with all details on it.

    Here is some info on TDA website and there is a contact email as well:
  3. hi I am going to start SKE Maths next year. Can u pls tell what kind of course it is. Will it end with exams or assignments. Is it tough or not?
    Thanks in advance

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