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Bursary for English PGCE 2011/2012????

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Miss_Qatar, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,
    A wee bit confused...what is the training bursary for Secondary English PGCE - Sep 2011 start??? - if there is a bursary :-| some people saying it still £6000...but now i've been told that we don't get anything...doubt i would b able to take up my place in september if that is the case :(

  2. Hi guys,
    A wee bit confused...what is the training bursary for Secondary English PGCE - Sep 2011 start??? - if there is a bursary :-| some people saying it still £6000...but now i've been told that we don't get anything...doubt i would b able to take up my place in september if that is the case :(

  3. There is no bursary for starting in sept 2011 i'm afraid unless you do maths, science or mfl!
  4. The only bursaries available this year are for Science, Maths and MFL.
    No money for anyone else at all [​IMG]
    Please don't let it put you off though, just remember that next year the fees could potentially go up to £9k max, so although the bursaries have been scrapped it would probably work out better financially to go ahead and struggle this year........it's a real gamble either way!
    I'm giving up my job (I'm the main wage earner in our household) and I have 2 kids, but we'll eat beans on toast and pasta for the year if we have to! I plan to work a few hours at weekends and during the holidays, as much as I can manage, some people say it's impossible to fit work in, but having spent the last 5 years working full time whilst raising a family, running a home and studying for my degree I think I will be ok!!!
  5. my worst fear has been confirmed...i thought as much :( ive worked ever since i was 16..so i guess will have to keep on working and funding myself yet again....i suppose looking on the bright side scrimping and saving for a year will reap its benefits in the years to come when we do finally secure that 'golden' teaching job!

    i will join u on the 'beans n toast and pasta menu!! i did PGCE post 16 last year and it isnt impossible to work alongside it..i managed it with being organised and what have you..but then again i didnt have 2 kids to look after but u can do anything if you are determined - like me, u sound as if u have always worked whilst studying so it wnt be any different for you.
    as ive applied away from home...im assuming that we can still apply for student loans to pay for tuition fees and living costs?

    Pippy x
  6. glad you're not giving up!
    yes you can! usual student finance is still going ahead, can find out about that online (just do a google search and look at direct.gov pages). there is also a finance calculator that estimates what you can expect to get so may help you budget for next year. good luck!
  7. Woo woo! so my secondary teaching plans haven't all gone down the toilet then as i had thought.....thanks robyn [​IMG] think i might just have a look at that finance calculater thingy-me-bob..good thinking batman!!
    what are you guys doing from September '11 start? already had interviews? secured places?
    Pippy x
  8. You're welcome! Have a conditional place at the ioe for secondary. What about you? Said you've done the post 16 pgce... Do you have to do another to teach secondary then?
  9. bettieblu

    bettieblu New commenter

    Hey guys - I finished my PGCE 2 years ago the year when it was announced that the bursary was reducing by £3k plus no Golden Hello just after I had handed my notice in from a very well paid job, so did consider giving up my dreams. Like another poster I had been working since 16 and been working full time in a management positions (8am to 6pm) bringing up my son whilst doing my degree with OU so I was used to hard work and a busy schedule. Luckily I did still get the £6k bursary and managed to get a VERY part time job - one evening and one sat morning, so I managed to get through BUT it is hard work, time consuming and expensive, especially if you have a lot of travel to get to your school placements (don't forget petrol is constantly rising). If you are a single parent or on a low income you will be entitled to help with your rent, zero council tax, WFTC, free dentist treatment, eye tests etc for you and your kids. Check out what you can get now rather than leaving it till during your course (like I did).
    A positive thing I would say though is that English although claimed to no longer be a shortage subject ALWAYS has loads of vacancies so you shouldn't find it difficult to get a job at the end, unlike some other subjects where some people are still looking for employment 2 years later, interestingly MFL being one of them!!!
    Good luck in what decision you make guys
  10. that's good! excited? looking forward to it? nervous? or all of them? [​IMG] i've just sent off my application and waiting to hear from my first choice - Worcester Uni..fingers crossed!
    Yeh i did PGCE post 16 in Huddersfield and teaching in FE at the minute with the occasional ESOL classes too..love it! but im hoping to move to the Middle East in the near future..and all the secure jobs are in Secondary or Primary..with no FE jobs..apart from the teaching English as a second language jobs....for which they require minimum 5years experience...so im having to go back to uni again to get qualified for what they require...long haul but all i can see is Qatar at the end of the tunnel and just makes going to uni (again 6th year running), crying over assignments...fuelled up late nights of pro-plus worth it [​IMG]
    what about you? straight out of uni or career change?
  11. Thanks bettieblu [​IMG]
    pippy x
  12. I am giving up a well paid job as the main wage if I get on. Where can I find the information about what help I can get?
    Only just managed to pay back last student loan and didnt want another!
  13. Mainly excited now but know I'll be nervous come mid august! Though not too keen being a student another year (just doing my psych degree, not a career changer!) but most my friends doing further study so least we can stick to doing bargain things together!

    Wow working in the middle east! Are there lots of English speaking schools there or do you have a second language? Good you have a goal at the end of it to get you through... Just think sun sun sun! Hope you hear from Worcester soon x
  14. yeh there are quite few british schools there and the Qatari schools all follow the National Curriculum for England and Wales which will make it easier! i do have a second language - urdu and punjabi but they only speak English and Arabic..so unless i learn Arabic will only b speaking English...i know me too, hope they don't leave the interviews till june/july...didnt think at 26 i wouldnt be going back into education again..*sigh* oh well! [​IMG]
  15. Pippy* sorry!
  16. kazzmaniandevil

    kazzmaniandevil New commenter

    Interesting thread. Im due to start my PGCE next year so unfortunatly for me will be lumped with the higher fees. urgh! However I just completed work experience at a local school and they suggested that after I completed my PGCE and apply for jobs make sure that I make the school aware of my previous business background skills. The guys at the school suggested it might be worth mentioning as extra skills are important in schools with tight budgets.
  17. @ Robyn - indeed you do [​IMG] im soo excited just thinking about moving out there...loved the place...shame it will b a while till i get myself out there...all depends if i get accepted on to a PGCE! you always wanted to go into teaching?
    @ Kazz - higher fees!!! i've still not paid off my previous one..and now i will b adding to it! so i feel for you....yes, it is worth mentioning about your business background..same thing happened to me too...i initally applied for an English Language lecturing post but as i could offer Functional skills English and Maths..i teach that too..even though it wasn't advertised! however, i'd be careful as i've been lumbered with my A-level classes aswell as functional skills and ESOL..twice the workload but no extra pay..when they could have just advertised for a Functional skills lecturer..or divided the work load between the staff.....and now i feel burnt out [​IMG]
  18. Robyn that calculator is a whizz!! [​IMG]thanks for restoring my faith that there is still some sort of financial help that will get us through...i think i might just be able to stretch my beans on toast menu now, haha!
  19. Have wanted to since i started my degree yes! Before that considered midwifery (then realised i was squeemish) and advertising (then realised i didnt want an office job)... but now cant wait to teach! Was to be primary but then babysitting some primary aged kids helping with their homework... thought as cute as they are, i couldnt deal with 30 of them! And doing the student associate scheme 2 years ago confirmed i wanted to do secondary. What about you?
    Glad the calculator helped! Love it too. Never know you might even be able to stretch to the barbeque flavour baked beens! (though im not personally a fan lol)

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