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Bursaries from 2012. How unfair is this??!!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Rubydazzle, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. I've just read on the BBC website that bursaries are going to be on a sliding scale from 2012. I'm starting a primary PGCE this September and due to the cuts will get nothing and so am going to find it difficult financially with a mortgage and family, as I'm sure many others are. However, it is possible that I will get a first in my degree and so, if doing it next year, would have received a bursary of 9000 , or 5000 if I get a 2:1. This seems so unfair, particularly as the cuts were announced at such a late stage.
  2. I couldnt agree with you more. I am in exactly the same situation and it is more than frustrating. How can they justify allowing a single year of trainees to suffer the financial burdens we are due to experience and then increase the bursary for the following cohort to a greater amount than it was prior to the cut. Angry is an understatement!

  3. Suzanathema

    Suzanathema New commenter

    I am completely devastated by this news. I am going to be living in absolute poverty, to hear that it was just for some temporary political point-scoring is really crushing.

    Is anyone here planning to defer now? I still want to do the training, but this news really stings.
  4. Rhirhimajic

    Rhirhimajic New commenter

    Do you have a link to the article?
  5. Suzanathema

    Suzanathema New commenter

  6. Rhirhimajic

    Rhirhimajic New commenter

    Wow, what a kick in the teeth. I was offered the chance to resit an assignment to bump my marks up to a firt class degree, but I wouldn't get my degree until September. I turned it down as I wanted to do the PGCE this year to avoid the higher loans. Now I wish I'd redone the assignment, got a first and deferred til 2012 to be able to survive the PGCE without having to live on beans on toast!
  7. Rhirhimajic

    Rhirhimajic New commenter

    Also frustrating because it will attract people who wouldn't want to teach otherwise. If they're offering £20,000 to cash strapped graduates with no idea what to do next just to do a year long course, they're going to be snapping up places whether they want to teach or not. A first class degree does not a good teacher make.
  8. I've just sent an email to my MP... Not that it will make any difference but at least I've expressed my views!!
  9. Typical political point scoring! In the scrapping of bursaries for just one year and if the new system goes ahead it will cost far more than the old bursary system that was scrapped.

    A complete stupid U turn.

    I'm on a reserve list currently and will take my place if offered for 2011; however if I end up going in 2012 (I will be re applying if I don't get a reserve place.) The bursary will at least go towards paying off half the fees!

    And yes it is very unfair!
  10. Suzanathema

    Suzanathema New commenter

    This is a good idea, I will too.

    I know this is awful news, but I have just remembered that tuition fees are tripling from 2012. We are dodging a bullet there at least by taking the course this year.

    Do you think there is any grain of hope the new plans might be retrospectively applied to this year's entry too?
  11. And this is the reason that Cameron stated bursaries were to be scrapped. Complete madness!
  12. I've thought about the fees too, but I would rather pay the higher fees and get the bursary as I would only have to repay it when I'm earning and would be more than happy to repay my loans for longer, especially if it meant that heat I know is going to be a stressful year wasnt made worse by worrying about finances. I'm a bit of an optimist and am also hoping something might be put in place for those of us who look set to be penalised for doing the PGCE in 2011, but I think maybe my optimism may be misplaced in this case!!
  13. This is just completely ridiculous and infuriating. How unfair on everyone starting their PGCE this year! (And this does include me.) I know, from here, that some people have had to turn down offers because the bursary had been cancelled. This is just a kick in the teeth and a pointy middle finger towards all of us.
    And that it is based on degree classification is completely ridiculous. Could we be any more discouraging towards applicants by refusing a bursary to someone with a third class degree!? It's up to the universities as to which applicants they deem acceptable to be placed on a PGCE course. The sliding scale is just thoroughly insulting.
    So angry!
    On that note I'll leave, before my words become more fuddled!!
  14. I am fuming so much I am going to be very careful about what I type, I don't want random expletives creeping their way in!
    I worked blooming hard to gain my First Class Honours, and I did it whilst raising a family and working full time, the <u>ONLY</u> reason I have gained myself a degree is to get into teaching, that was my focus from day one, every single course I chose with The OU was based around the fact that it was helpful for my future career in teaching, this isn't something I'm doing because I 'didn't know what else to do with my degree' which is what some of the trainees I've met over the years have told me!!
    Now because I start in September of this year I will get NOTHING. Not a single penny of bursary. Yes next year the fees go up, but I can pay that off over the years. I have to continue raising my family over the next year on a &pound;7k loan/grant. I chose to do it this year and I knew it would be hard, but the future was so uncertain that I took the chance that it might just get worse!
    I am now going to write a strongly worded letter to every single person I can think of, not that it will help, it might just stop the steam coming out of my ears!
  15. AND (sorry, just read the report on the BBC news!)
    How dare they assume that higher classes of degrees make people better teachers! I know lots of people with 2:2's who are fantastic teachers, and I expect there's lots out there with Firsts that are utterly rubbish.
    What on earth do they think they are doing? We seriously need some sort of uprising to get these ridiculous people out of power!

  16. Hi all
    I am absolutely furious. My bursary was scrapped for this year (secondary English). I can't tell you how many swear words are going through my head right now.
    It is utter rubbish to think that graduates with first class degrees will make better teachers. What makes the Government think that someone with a first in Physics will want to become a teacher, other than to snap up the &pound;20K.
    Grrrrrrrrrr, spit, fuming....expletives.....[​IMG]

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  18. Sorry about that, my computer just went mad! Guess it's as angry as I am about this whole thing [​IMG] I just have no idea why those starting courses next year should get twice or three times the bursary that this year's intake (myself included) should have been getting, when the whole reason the bursaries were scrapped in the first place was apparently to save money! Where's the sense in that?!
  19. Hey Scottishlass
    Wow - that's a lot of swear words! LOL !!!!

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