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Bursaries and Training places

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Rodgered, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Errrr jump down my throat much!!
    Im in debt from a PR degree but why should i let it stop me from enjoying myself just now?! All im saying is like everyone I will be cutting back with the lack of bursary.
    Sorry I sounded like a shallow *** with what I spend money on.
    Plus ive worked my ass off in a part time job to pay for my holiday, something that I wont be doing during my PGCE year as there isnt the time if I want to qualify.
    50 quid on red?! no probs.
  2. Did sound shallow in fairnes. Anywho i better go, ive an interview for PGCE thursday and after that will start thinkin of ways to make money [​IMG]
  3. harderfaster

    harderfaster New commenter

    I hear Abramovich is splashing out this time of year...
  4. Yeah reading it back I guess it did.
    How embarrassing having a tiff on a forum =/
    Im thinking selling organs....its illegal but brings in the cash =]
    Good luck with the interview
  5. Good luck. Be sure to ask them about finances - our provider could tell us nothing at all! Yours might have up to date info.

    I'm just letting the ramifications of this sink in. I have to tell my mum properly, yet. She's on her own, so i'm sure she'll welcome the added financial burden... Oh - and mum lives 20 miles away from my uni in a village - aarrghh! And no chance of a car now! I feel like just jacking it all in, and... I dunno. But why should i let these *** win?

    Michael Gove is what happens to you whilst you're making other plans.
  6. Oh poop. Like many other people here I was intending to rely quite heavily on that bursary. For rent and bills and food... you know, essentials.
    I graduated a couple of years ago along with all the debt that it now all too sadly entials. I'm estranged from my parents and don't have any other close family. I moved to London a year ago in order to find a job to support myself while doing school based voluntary work, and I've tried to save a little money along the way. I don't really earn that much though so it's been quite difficult to put money aside, especially while paying London prices for rent and transport etc.
    The upshot of it all is that I have absolutely no financial support and I'm starting to panic about it slightly. Suppose I'll just have to live on baked beans for a month. :(. Gove is such a sinister t**.
    Sorry for the rant etc but it's rather cathartic.

  7. Maths 2635 up from 2342
    English incl Drama 2100 up from 1873
    Science 2835 down from 3073
    (Chemistry 1070 up from 905, Physics 925 up from 602, Biology 840 down from 1007)
    Languages 1490 up from 1355
    DT 840 down from 1093
    ICT 805 down from 984
    Business 235 down from 518
    History 545 up from 523
    Geography 615 down from 696
    PE 890 down from 1157
    Art 320 down from 537
    Music 390 down from 539
    RE 460 down from 707
    Social Studies 185 down from 224 (Citizenship)
    Other 210 down from 334
    The second figures from 2010-11 are the numbers actually registered on the course in October, rather than the allocations.
  8. EcoLady

    EcoLady New commenter

  9. I like that [​IMG]
  10. Thanks
    Alec2005 . Greatly appreciated :)
  11. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    I've read it a few times to try and find a loop hole or glimmer of hope.....but I think it's gone :(
  12. I take it universities will soon be offering proper places now then, since they have been given a number of places per course?
  13. harderfaster

    harderfaster New commenter

    If the letter to the TDA was only sent today (or yesterday, cba to check) then the TDA must have to decide which providers to allocate these places to? Unless they use last year's figures and adjust them proportionally...but it must be quite complicated. But I guess it means people will be hearing early Feb, as opposed to March...
  14. At present all that hasa happened is that the TDA have been told the overall numbers per subject. They now have to allocate these to individual providers and I estimate that it will be another two weeks (possibly up to four weeks) before the TDA actually tells us what the exact numbers are that we have to offer. Add to this that the letter does not give any indication about how much the providers can expect from the TDA in funding - yes they have detailed the funding (or not) that the trainees will receive, but there is also the funding that the provider gets for each student and that has yet to be revealed. As providers we are still very much in the dark though there is now a small flow of information. WQe have been on hold for months over this and while I understand your frustrations, we are also, I can assure you, very frustrated as well.
    So please be patient with providers - we are the last link in the chian and it will be a few weeks yet before those places can be firmly offered to you all.
    TES Forum Student Teacher/NQT Expert
  15. eeeep =/ well good luck to everyone who was offered a conditional place, im sure we will all hear soon enough
  16. josiejosie

    josiejosie New commenter

    Thanks for this! Could you reveal your source?
    Art 320 down from 537 = I think I'm screwed [​IMG]

  17. Wow, I'm jealous, a lifestyle I can only dream of, but then it was my choice to have kids and work full time whilst gaining a degree. I just wish I had had the chance to live such a fantasticly free and easy life. My hair gets done once or twice a year (when I visit my dad I have a friend who does it for free!!), and I've <u>never</u> had my nails done (I'm 34!!). The only time I ate out last year was my works xmas do, and the last holiday my family had was in 1993!! (We are going away in April though - 4 years of saving Tesco vouchers has given us enough to camp in France for 2 weeks!!). Although I did recently treat myself to some new work clothes, they were all in the sale (nothing cost me more than &pound;7) from my Very catalogue so I can pay them off interest free over 3 months!!!
    I will have to rely on every student loan available along with a top up of benefits for having kids (I know I am lucky in that respect, I will get additional help for having kids to support). I will also have no choice but to work weekends, even if it risks burning me out - but 5 years of full time work + a degree have prepared me for the horrifically long hours that a PGCE will entail, as I have to put food on the table for my children and I have a household to keep afloat......I wish the only things bothering me were not getting my hair or nails done for a year!
    Thankfully, my kids of 14 & 15 both have jobs which means they can at least buy their own clothes, pay for their clubs etc for the next year, and thankfully they are both fantastic kids who spend their money fairly wisely (my son is using most of his money to pay for a school ski trip in 2012, and my daughter is saving for a laptop - they both know that these are things I could not pay for myself) and they will do anything to help me pursue my dream of providing a better standard of life for all of us. The short term struggle will be worth it in the end.
    Thanks Mr Gove for making our lives so difficult, but regardless of the barriers you put in place I will become a teacher and a damned good one at that......in fact scrap that......an outstanding one at that!
  18. Your kids sound like amazing selfless young people. They are such a credit to you to be so responsible and understanding at such a young age. xxx
  19. Gee thanks! [​IMG] They are amazing, I know how incredibly lucky I am, even though they do drive me up the wall at times (believe me they are far from perfect - but then what is perfect!?), they know how much this means to me and are fully aware of how hard it's going to be.
    Just noticed my spelling mistakes too......I hate that!!! LOL!
    On a side note, whichever way I try to access the Gove letter it says there is an error, is that a freudian slip!?!?!

  20. Apologies Stacey.
    I sounded so pretentious in that comment, regret even writing it to be honest =/ I do appreciate that there are other people who have much more to deal with now with the loss of the bursarys.
    Wow to you doing the PGCE, I agree your kids sound fantastic!!
    Good Luck x

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