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Bursaries and Training places

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Rodgered, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. StaceE_88

    StaceE_88 New commenter

    Petrol isn't exactly cheap, well nothing is now. I really hope a lot of you manage to find a way to fund the PGCE, would loans not cover it? I'm having to live at home to afford it (and am hoping that the loans will stand as they are) and figured I'll have no life anyway so I won't have much time to spend money other than on course costs. If not it'll have to be a personal loan, just adding to the debt. Absolutely ridiculous.
  2. It's really unfair that so many people will miss out. Like you said StaceE so many people are going to find themselves in even more debt just to be able to start their chosen career. xxx
  3. Sorry, I didn't mean anything personal by it I was so upset. i know people who make comments about 'the benefits' of teaching, and i had people making comments on the bursaries, saying 'Oh, it's a good number', then this shock. I just think that if you have BIG financial commitments like a mortgage, this will make it impossible.
  4. shoegal44

    shoegal44 New commenter

    Does anybody know last year's figures? I'm trying to work out how many places have been cut!
  5. http://media.education.gov.uk/assets/files/pdf/l/letter%20from%20michael%20gove%20to%20tda%20on%20teacher%20training%20places.pdf

    The official document
  6. Jesus :(
    this is bad news about the bursary cuts, I knew it was coming but its still not good.
    More debt for me hurrah =/
    its super annoying that ive been told by one of the tutors that i will have too much work on to keep a part time job in a shop so i will be totally relying on my loans....brilliant.
    its a good job i acutally want to be a teacher and im not just doing it to put off getting a job for a year...

  7. Sorry if i'm being a bit dense here the penny has only just dropped...if i am applying to do a primary pgce from 2012 i will be expected to pay fees of £9000 and take a loan out to live on as there is no bursaries and no chance i can keep on a part time job?! xx
  8. I think that's about the size of it. I see PGCE students at work - they're struggling to have a life, letalone a second job....
  9. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    No chance at all.

    PGCE's are unbelievably hard work. I mean your tutors will tell you it's the hardest thing you'll ever have done, past students will say the same and you'll almost certainly not believe them

    You wont believe me either, but about the only thing I could guess might be as hard is being a junior doctor.

    There's just no time for a part time job - for much of your time in your placements, you'll be up to beyond midnight doing planning and marking, etc., and you'll have to be at school (which could be 40 miles away) in time to get any last minute photocopying done, be ready for the 8am staff meeting and then teach at 8:30.
    At weekends, when you're not asleep, you'll be updating your portfolio of evidence and writing assignments.
    There's really no space for anything else.
  10. Does anyone know of a source that shows the number of places for last year per subject rather than overall? I would like to see which subject have had the most places cut.
  11. which subjects*
  12. Does anyone know what that means for the GTP?
  13. Sorry, this is just sinking in.....may I just share with you that I've just moved into a new flat. I have 5 months left on my contract. My new sofa hasn't even arrived yet. My bed is brand new. Now, I am looking around my flat thinking how i will have to chuck in a skip or sell all of my stuff when i have to move back home to my mum's box room for a year, as I simply CANNOT afford any rent and bills.

  14. :( at starsinmycrown
    its not a good situation is it? its like were expected to work 3 days a week for a year for free.
    What a joke.
    I can understand them cutting it because of students simply doing it for the money and not wanting to teach but its so unfair.
    Im going to be living at home but ive grown accustomed to eating out, getting my hair and nails done each month, a new dress for nights out here and there, weekends away with the boyfriend.
    Guess i better enjoy my holiday to Las Vegas for my 21st because its the last time ill be able to afford to enjoy myself for a while =[

  15. Are you pulling the ****?

  16. Just what I was thinking!
  17. StaceE_88

    StaceE_88 New commenter

    Ditto. More than a little insensitive.

    I know I'm fortunate in that I should be able to manage it on loans because I've chosen to do my PGCE and live at home (with finances being the number one reason). Will universities be offering any postgraduate bursaries or financial help? Not sure how it works with postgrads really!
  18. Am I pulling the ****?
    No no im not!!
    Sorry im not a 30 something with children but people like me lose out on things too.
    Sorry if I sound selfish but I can't appreciate what its like to be a parent training to teach...thats not my fault!!
  19. Oh ya, your definetly pulling the ****.
    But in case your not, im 23, i am in debt from paying for an economics post grad, and now will be in more because the bursary is gone. Dont start me actually........

    Enjoy the 21st and stick 50 quid on red for me. Cheers.

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