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Bursaries and Training places

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Rodgered, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. This has completely changed things for me. I was relying on some kind of bursary, and I had been realistic and imagined it would be scaled down. But for it to be abolished completely?! I simply cannot afford to complete a PGCE now, if I were to be offered a place. Had this been announced earlier, those in the same position would have been able to explore other avenues but now there's so little time and the chances of being accepted onto another programme are growing slimmer by the day. What a shame.
  2. Unfortunately a lot of people will find that the removal of the bursary makes teacher training impossible. Most people are unable to survive on one or no income so this will result in teaching being full of fresh faced graduates with no life experience or the lucky few who have a large enough household income to survive on one wage. xxx
  3. I have just worked full time for 5 years, whilst studying part time for my degree. I have done all of this just to train as a teacher, and today after gaining a place on teacher training Secondary, ICT. I will have to turn it down, as the bursary has been deleted/stopped/given to a dole weller. Not a thought has gone in to the cause of the all the teaching assistants like myselft, who were encouraged to better themselves. Only for the goal post to move out of my reach at the last hurdle.
    I am so frustrated, with a mortage and 2 kids, I don't have another option.
  4. http://www.education.gov.uk/inthenews/inthenews/a0074002/government-confirms-initial-teacher-trainee-places-and-bursaries-for-201112

    Official letter :-(
  5. Just so Im clear: The Primary bursary is remaining at £4000. Is that right? xxx
  6. mypseudonym

    mypseudonym New commenter


    Why did the TDA tell me in September that I would get 6K to do secondary ICT if this was not for definite?! I really want to teach, but having failed to find school for the GTP I decided if I lived frugally the bursary and students loans available would allow me to do the PGCE. Without the financial help I won't be able to do it! How do they expect me (and all the other prospective trainee teachers) to pay London rent with no income and no financial support.

  7. I was told i would get a £9000 bursary for Secondary ICT.
    Im absolutely devastated, all i've ever wanted to do is teach. I don't see how its going to be financially possible for me to do so now without any sort of bursary. How are we expected to live when there is no time to get a job and do a PGCE?
  8. shoegal44

    shoegal44 New commenter

    Hi Jelleigh,
    My computer will not allow me to follow your link! Is the wait over??? lol
  9. Doesn't say anything about Primary bursary. I think it's been dropped.
  10. I don't think so, I think it has been scrapped along with practically all of the other bursaries.
  11. Hi,

    Yes it's all official now - no bursaries for anyone apart from Maths, Science etc. Number of secondary places has been reduced quite significantly, although primary places has been increased slightly. You can find the info on the Telegraph website and also here if you can follow this link:

  12. http://www.education.gov.uk/inthenews/inthenews/a0074002/government-confirms-initial-teacher-trainee-places-and-bursaries-for-201112
  13. I will be a graduate myself, and don't see how graduates will have an upper hand here.
    Even if the plan was to move home and live rent free (which it wouldn't be), there are still costs involved such as travel, and actually having any money at all to simply live on and buy resources.

    I, being a future graduate, would be relying on the bursary, after saving as much as I could to pay for the PGCE myself, the bursary was what would be enabling to do the course itself.
  14. I didn't mean to offend but graduates who are 21 /22 are less likely to have a mortgage and other external expenses. Some will be able to live at home rent free and live on hand outs from the bank of mum and dad. I do appreciate there are some (like yourself) who are self supporting though. xxx
  15. I feel like crying.

    In fact, I think I might.

    I've been interviewed for Secondary English PGCE. I was told I was a really strong candidate and they'd normally be able to tell me straight off the bat that I'd have a place. I'm not some 21-year old who is doing it for the money, or lack of anything else to do - i'm in my late 20s and have six years of school experience. Like somebody else here, I've gone through four years of uni, because I want to teach EBD kids. Now this kick in the teeth as a finisher.

    I don't know what I'm going to do financially. I'll have to go home - if i even get a place at all, now with the cuts. My ITT provider couldn't even tell me if there were any places at all left.

    This government are fuc... well, you know the rest.

    Can I just clarify - secondary English bursary has gone, yeah?
  16. What I don't understand however, is if you have just finished a degree and more than likely have no savings, how are you then supposed to take on a full time PGCE with nothing to live on? Is there time to work around a primary PGCE??
  17. This makes me so mad I don't even know how to vent my anger. I wish everyone lots of luck and hope people can still manage to get a place and train next year, but at the same time I almost hope loads of people drop out and can't afford it and the system completely gets messed up so Gove can't get away with this.
    How out of touch is Gove?! What an abosolute clown, after all his talk of raising the status of teaching and attracting the best people to this profession he makes so difficult for people- utterly comic contradiction. As if it isn't difficult enough to save in this climate anyway- I was preparing for a reduction in bursary amounts (I'm hoping to do secondary english)... but a complete cut! And my subject's in his sodding EngBac!
    I guess they don't need to incentivise teaching as much, as enough people want to do it, but the fact is it's very expensive to train for a year (and pay tuition fees) without any income and the majority rely on that bursary to get them through the year. Starting salaries for teaching are much lower than other professions too, plus the raise in teacher pension contributions- are the conlibs actually trying to put people off because they are doing a good job.
    In the meantime it's still a delay before the info gets fed down to training providers and firm offers are made- this year's poor intake have had it hard, it's been very difficult to make plans for next year. Wishing everyone goodluck
    Vent over!
  18. I do wish people would be careful with what they say.

    I don't think anyone applied for a PGCE for the financial incentives! The fact that the bursaries have been abolished is not upsetting younger applicants because they want to spend £6000 on partying for a year. There are so many reasons why that money would have enabled plenty of us (young and old) to train to teach - rent, travel, clothes, bills, children etc...

    It's quite offensive to be honest. We are all in pretty much the same position (apart from you lucky science/maths ***!!), so why can't we behave like that?
  19. I think if you took on a part time job alongside the PGCE, you would burn yourself out within a few weeks. The course is so intense, and there's so much work to do outside of the classroom/lectures, it's a big risk to consider.
  20. I completely agree, just because your young doesn't mean your going to spend your money on silly things, you still need to pay for food and travel etc..!!

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