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burning tongue...stress?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by vikingmaid, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. I have been under huge stress fro so long now, just recently O/H signed off school with depression. I'm still holding two jobs, looking after the kids and managing his depression to. Feel toyally wiped out. Not helped I suspect by on going perimenopause (48). But I have been really alarmed by having a constant burning tongue, I suffer health anxiety so having googled obviously now feel its cancer. Can anyone reasure me? Will go to GP next week, although had a full health check, blood, heart and scan last summer..following health concerns. Feel so down, just want to feel well and happy.
  2. I think there are numerous things that can cause a sore or burning tongue. Do you have any white patches or spots on yourr tongue? This could be thrush ( candida). You say you are peri menopausal ... I believe a burning tongue can be caused by the menopause. I very much doubt it is cancer! If you had mouth cancer you would have obvious sores or lesions. Have you been to see your GP? I'm sure they will be able to put your mind at ease.
  3. I also have this sensation...have looked online and it is definitely listed as a symptom within perimenopausal state!! Get to your GP though just to put your mind at rest. It sounds as if you don't need anything else adding to your stress levels xx

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