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Bumgenius (or similar pocket nappy) users

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by clairev, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Hi, does anyone who uses bumgenius or similar successfully use nappy liners with them? LO starting nursery soon and I would like to use liners so carers can just peel the liner off and throw away otherwise I imagine we will have bags of immensely nasty nappies to deal with each night. Have bought two different packs of liners in the past - neither the right size and when I've cut them to size they just scrunch up under LO's bum and therefore don't do their job. Any advice very gratefully received!!
  2. Hi Claire, I use Coolababy pocket nappies and have found Boots own brand liners work really well. Much better than others I tried. They don't scrunch up and are pretty effective at wicking the moisture away from the skin as well as catching any nasties! They last for ages too as each one is too big so I rip/cut each one into 2. It's then the perfect size for the nappy. (You can even soak and wash them with the nappies if they are wet only!) bargain. HTH
  3. Hi, we use bumgenius nappies with liners, we use the bumgenius ones which seem to work well. We have to put two in though as one is not enough sometimes! we overlap them and make sure no liner is poking out the sides as this makes the nappy leak. Good luck x
  4. Thanks ladies - should have known the Spring 2010ers would have the answers!! Fleur - where do you get bumgenius ones from? I have looked on the internet every few weeks (whenever I've got really sick of scraping poo off nappies!!) and have never tracked down anything for bumgenius or any forums where people use liners with bumgenius at all. LaMariposa - I will look for boots ones thanks - I think the ones I tried were mama mio or something. And thanks for the advice on how you both use them. Over to see what's happening on Spring 2010 now.....
  5. chicabonita

    chicabonita New commenter

    Ooh, am interested to hear the Boots' ones can be washed and reused when they're just wet.
    I don't even cut them with our Smartipants, and we're still using the smallest setting at the moment. I just lay it flat on the nappy and then make sure the ends don't poke out, like Fleur said.
  6. Hiya, I use BGs and use fleece liners. I started with the flushable ones, but found that my daughter's (very runny) poo would just skid straight over them and right out of the nappy, even when I'd cut or folded them to size.
    After doing a bit of research, I decided to go for fleece as it wicks moisture away from the skin, is cheaper and better for the environment. I looked at buying them, but in the end just bought a metre of plain cream fleece for £2, and cut 20 large shaped liners from it. They work a treat! I overlap two next to each other if I'm expecting a mega-poo. They never leaked when her poo was runny and now it's a bit more solid it sort of peels off the liner into the loo before I rinse the liner out.
    It's not really any more of a faff as I rinse the pooey nappies anyway, they save the leaks and definitely stop the nappies getting stained. No matter how good BGs are, they still stain like ***!
  7. boots own nappy liners are EXCELLENT - I wouldn't use any others! All others I tried were scratchy and thick and total and utter rubbish. Boots ones fit BG fine - my daughter is on BG biggest setting and I use a whole liner but run finger round the legs and back to tuck edges in. Love them. And I too wash them if just wet. Brilliant ones.....
  8. PS I have fleece liners too, and put one under the boots liner when I have to use nappy cream. That way she can have nappy cream when she needs it but the fleece liners slowly get ruined rather than the expensive nappies - then can replace the fleece liners periodically.
  9. I think I'll try the Boots liners, Beachhut. We've got a few camping mini breaks coming up and I was wondering how we'd get on washing everything. If I could just throw away any soiled liners, that would make things much easier!
    And I agree - liners mean you can slather the nappy cream on when needed, without ruining the nappies. Ah, you've just reminded me...I'm due to strip wash the whole stash today.
  10. Got to say if we're away more than 1 night I use disposables. Unfortunately we're on number 5 pampers at the moment as she's taken to weeing once every 2-3 hours, and that wee is massive! The BG haven't been coping - leaking badly after one wee. Can't get around it by changing more frequently and she's already in the biggest setting with one big and one small insert. At least though, as she's pooing only once a day on the whole, she's hardly using any number 5s as they can cope with 2 or 3 of her huuuuge wees as they are impressive nappies.
    If her patterns change again I'll get them back out but until then they are washed and away for next one.

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