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bullying - it's starting again- what should i do?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by McClue, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. I have consulted the TES forum before and very much appreciated the the collective wisdom I received, once again I am requesting help in dealing with a dilemma.
    I was bullied by my line manager and after 2 years of it brought it to the attention of the head teacher he arranged a meeting of all parties but the bullying didnt stop it got worse, I wrote to the head , nothing happened, I went down the local authority Grievance procedure , the outcome was a whitewash but I was pleased that I had my say, and for two years things seemed to improve , I put my head down got on with the job, I had the sense that the linemanager was being very carefull and even considerate towards me although there were occasional suspicious trivial slips, but on the whole a much more positive working atmosphere.
    My dilemma is that the head moved to another school and the line manager seems to be reverting to old behavours, At first just niggling doubts and now I am sure its happening again. I would like to handle this in as professional manner as possible, but should I let the new head know?
    Please post your responses, it is much appreciated

  2. Gardening Leaves

    Gardening Leaves New commenter

    In addition to all the above, ensure you keep a careful record of any new incidents: date, incident (with exactly what was said), the names of any witnesses present at the time, any material evidence you can get hold of. It's as well to be prepared, rather than to have to work retrospectively.
  3. It is a lonely horrible position everyone will take the managers side, if its making you ill go to your doctor then there is a medical record. My situation caused ill health take care
  4. This post is some four months old now, but having come across it again I want to point out a few things
    1- Unions do not seriously tackle issues of individual bullying

    2- if the matter is actually discussed and resolved within the school, you will have to watch your back in the future.

    3- It is highly probable that bullying will resume at a later stage if the opportunity arises.

    4- The second wave of bullying will be worse, more carefully orchestrated and involve more participants.
    It is exactly the same with pupils in school- adults are not different. If a child complains about bullying, they risk further complexity. They know this and most pupils are acutely afraid of "grassing" . All the attention given to bullying has made bullies more skilled and artful and victims more timid. It has now become a more socially accepted aspect of human behaviour. If you are being bullied out of your school or job, you are bullied out- there is really nothing you can do about it.
  5. Why not repeat what you did before? It seemed to put a stop to it for a while. You should also mention in any proceedings that there is now evidence of a "course of action which amounts to harassment, and
    which s/he knows or ought to know amounts to harassment". This should send an alarm bell ringing in the HR office.
  6. You will be accused of making vexatious complaints. If somebody has the audacity to continually harass one individual, you can be sure they feel authorised to do it and may not be easily found out. The onus of proof is so high. It really has to be criminal level, with police involved and possible prosecution. You also need to have witnesses prepared to support you ( at risk to their own jobs) and the chance of that is very slim. If bullying can not be solved, it can get a lot worse and a lot more damaging.
  7. I really do not like taking issue with well-meaning advice, but this is inaccurate. The extent to which a complaint is deemed to be vexatious is predicated on the context AND HISTORY. A vexatious complaint is one for which the only purpose is one of causing mischief. The fact that your previous grievance succeeded shows that you had grounds then; if the course of action is continuing it means you have grounds now.
  8. But the poster complains that the outcome of the first complaint was a whitewash. I believe this is the very best you can expect with a bullying complaint but it is no solution and the complainant remains open to further negative interpretation.

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