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Bullying Headteacher

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by Anon1980, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. I write this plea on behalf of many of the staff at the school where I have been for a number of years. Within a few weeks of getting this job I regretted ever applying. The Headteacher believes that it is acceptable to literally scream and shout at us in corrdiors if we have erred in even the slightest way, if general day-to-day things are not done to her extreme standards or if targets or levels have not been achieved. Teachers who have been deemed outstanding by ofsted are given satisfactory/ inadequate in the many official and unoffical lesson observations we have during the year and the staffs personal lives are subjects of her ‘humour’.
    The last ofsted inspection deemed the school outstanding and I only wish that they knew of the psycologoical abuse, pressure, totalitarian control and soul destroying outbursts that we have been subjected to in order to be given that status. Almost everyday there is a member of staff in tears due to the injustice and many walk around looking like corpses because of the severe distress that they are in. Supply teachers who have come to the school have commented on the fear and ‘strict’ atmosphere in the school. I get to school at 7.15am every morning and leave at 6pm and work every evening at home in order to get everything done but despite this im still subjected to her demoralising outburst which leave me feeling humiliated and worthless. All the teachers fix their results, as even a single child who is not SEN underachieveing will almost guarantee you verbal barrage from her about how incapable you are.
    Many of us have raised our concerns with our union but we have been told that there is nothing they can do to help us even though they receive lots of calls from staff at the school about the headteacher. We can’t approach the governers either as they are her personal acquaintences and often sit in on “meetings” when a member of staff is being “sorted out”. Those teachers who have attempted to leave and hand in their resignation are told that she “wil make sure that they will never find a job elsewhere” and she remains true to her word by giving degrading references. Parent governers are then called in for maximum impact, to ‘talk’ to the teacher and subject her to emotional blackmail and talk down to her by telling her that her “attitude” is having a negative effect on their child and the school. Following this the headteacher comes to the teachers class everyday to observe her and point out all that she is doing ‘wrong’ and putr even more pressure on her.
    I am writing to ask if there is anybody in the LEA who can help us, that I can approach anonmously. There are many teachers who have left the school and are struggling to find jobs because of the reference that she is giving them and I don’t want my career to be affected in the same way by giving my name. Thank You
  2. ballerina

    ballerina New commenter

    How awful. I was in a similar situation once myself, thankfully the headteacher in question left instead.
    I was advised to look at the whistleblowing policy and contact the LEA named on the policy, who will then investigate.
  3. This situation is absolutely bizarre. Surely the union can step in here about unprofessional behaviour with the HT??? any union reps out there who can comment on this posting please?
  4. mathsquestion

    mathsquestion New commenter

    This is an absolute disgrace and should be sorted straight away.
    I would go back to your union and ask what you are paying your subscription for?
    Also get in contact with the whistlebowing lead and make sure the other staff will back you up.
    So sorry to hear about this - it is horrid that this goes on and I hope for your sake it is sorted as soon as possible.

  5. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    I can't understand why the union say there's nothing they can do. I've always found my union really helpful in difficult situations. I presume you've reported to regional level? I would change unions if I were you.
  6. Agree. The unions often know who the dodgy heads are and look for information to try and slap them back into line.
  7. 1) Contact your union at regional level, at least and get other staff to do the same.
    2) The Whistleblowing procedure must be on display somewhere, I think it is a requirement. Use that.
    3) If someone knows the contact details of the schools SIP get in touch with them.
  8. It certainly is a requirement for safeguarding purposes, I've got a nagging at the back of my tiny brain that it is for "hate" incidents too, which should cover bullying.
  9. Thank you all for your overwhelming support. Governers cannot be approached as they are all her personal acquaintances and support her every decision. I guess this is why she thinks she is invincible. Would anybody be able to help us in the LEA and keep my identity anonymous?
  10. casper

    casper New commenter

    One thing bullies cannot handle is being stood up to.Safety in numbers. Union and then LEA using the whistle blowing policy.
  11. Gardening Leaves

    Gardening Leaves New commenter

    In addition to advice given by others, may I suggest you contact the organisation 'Public Concern at Work'? www.pcaw.org.uk
    PCAW exists to provide advice and support to prospective whistle-blowers or those who have done do. It assisted in the drafting of theBill that became the 1998 Public Interest Disclosure Act.
    There is good advice on its website but. also, a free helpline and access to free legal support.
    Though it should not happen, in some instances of whistle-blowing, people have found themselves victimised. Some rogue employers will protect a bullying leader. PCAW can support to ensure that you are not victimised as a consequence of your disclosures. The organisation will and does provide support and advice for unions and is happy to talk to reps or officers.
  12. This is outrageous behaviour by the headteacher.
    Another possibility would for you ( possibly with a couple of other teachers ) to see a lawyer who specialises in employment law. Initial meetings are often free and you could take it from there , once you have advice from the lawyer as to what could be done.

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