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Bullying Head has not won because I AM BACK!

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by sarahstrawberry, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. A couple of years ago now I wrote my last post on here saying I had resigned from my full time teaching post and was never going to teach again because of my bullying head. She was pure evil and the union did nothing even though eight members of staff reported her at the same time. Well I think I'm getting over it now and have decided that I am going to start applying for teaching jobs again. I decided that I would post this in this particular forum as when I was going through my hard time I spent a lot of time here and although this will sound harsh I found comfort in the fact that some people were going through similar experiences to me. My only problem now is building up a portfolio for interviews as my old head threw all my folders away before I could collect them !
  2. Good luck Sarah. I've been through the mill myself, although the scenario was different. I've been doing supply for a few years and enjoying teaching again. There is life after resignation!
  3. Aw, good for you! I've had about two years out and I feel like I'm over it now too. I don't think I'd ever go back though, although I do think about it. I'd love to hear how you get on. If I can help you PM me.
  4. Awww brilliant! Really encouraged by this thread. I resigned last year due to a bullying Head teacher, who was egged on by my spiteful teaching assistant who I had to spend all day with. (The head and my teaching assistant were close friends and the head teacher would believe and act on all the spiteful- untrue- things my t.a. would say to her.) My teaching assistant wanted to be a teacher herself and alot of it was jealousy and finding it hard to have a younger teacher working with her.
    It was a really horrible situation and it took its toll on me. After doing some supply/ living off savings for the past year I am nearly ready to start applying for jobs again (although still have nightmares when I'm stressed, that I'm back at the school having to work with these people again). It is really encouraging to hear that other people have been in similar situations and survived and recovered well enough to get back into teaching.
  5. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Good to hear positivity. Well done for getting back on your feet.
    I wouldn't worry about it at all. I've never had a portfolio in my career and never been asked for one. Once I had to take photos of something I'd done in the last year. I just took some photos from a supply school between getting the letter and going to the interview and used those. Seriously, don't let this hold you back.
  6. Thanks everyone for your good wishes. I will keep you all posted on how it goes I have just applied for a job to start early September so will be a rush! know what you mean about the nightmares I always have one where I'm late for school or where I'm stuck in a lift with the head..... minnieminx school I've applied to have asked for evidence in the form of a portfolio ahhhhhh! x x x
  7. Jaffackes you'll know when you're ready ;) Bet you dreaded going into school every day like me. We were just unlucky I guess x
  8. I wish you all the best for your interview Sarah. I was bullied out of a job this time last year. Took 8 months out, did some supply, got a temporary one term contract for the summer and just before may half term it was extended for another year.

    There is DEFINITELY life after being bullied, to all those in a similar position - have faith, you can get through and you WILL be stronger for your experiences
  9. Hello sarah. Yeah i totally dreaded going into school each morning, to the point where I'd be sick and then retching each morning getting ready for school and on the way there. Seriously am so happy and relieved don't have to work in that environment anymore as it was very very bad for my emotional and physical health.
    But it's really good to hear you're ready to come back and get back into teaching. All the best for your interview- hope you do really really well.
    We don't have to let the lower end of the headteacher spectrum beat us and can overcome these destructive people and go on to better things in a more supportive and healthy environment. (that's the plan anyways lol).
  10. I was bullied out of a school but leaving said school turned out to be the best decision I ever made. I can now see how much my health was suffering! Been at a wonderful school since Jan and I am now at home waiting for my baby to arrive. Good luck with everything! Xx
  11. A big step forward for me, health wise, was the day I realised that I would never again have to stand in that dirty school and have people look me in the eye, tell me completely unbelievable nonsense and expect me to believe it. How they did this with a straight face very seriously is still a complete mystery to me. (That was just the staff.)
  12. What an AMAZING thread, so glad I read it. I am being bullied and investigated due to an ex HOd, I was going to walk away BUT have decided to stay and fight as I love teaching and will go when I am ready. Good luck all of you and let's just be there for each other.
  13. Gardening Leaves

    Gardening Leaves New commenter

    It's wonderful to read of people who have been able to move on and succeed, despite the best efforts of a bullying boss. Well done everyone!
    I have had a great couple of days, too.[​IMG] I have learned that my bullying ex-Head has finally been sacked (YaY!). I also plucked up courage to go to college and have started to study to become a lawyer, specialising in - you can guess(!) - workplace bullying!!!!! I have found going to college extremely traumatic and can't cope with corridors full of noisy students. Luckily the building in which law is taught is right next to the big car park and very quiet and, at the moment, I only have to go for one afternoon per week. I spend the time almost throwing up and in a permanent sweat but the CBT techniques I have learned are helping and I know it will get easier over time.
    Doesn't mean I can answer anyone's legal questions, however - I know less than nothing and, as we know, 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing'!!
  14. deeljay if you ever want to offload to someone you can always drop me a pm I don't think there's anything my old head didn't do to me so I can probably empathise with you on anything you have to say. Since I last posted on here I have been waiting to find out if I've been shortlisted for an interview and today I found out that I have! Yay. I really want this job it would mean I could put the five years I spent with that awful woman to the back of my mind. Not sure how I will react if I dont get it. I always wonder when teachers go on strike about pay whether it would be better to go on strike about workplace bullying in schools. I'd rather have no bullying and less pay to be honest!

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