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Bullied Teachers Support Network now calling for members.

Discussion in 'Australia - Staffroom' started by kerrinaswords, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. kerrinaswords

    kerrinaswords New commenter

    Hi to all of you who are living with serious on-going bullying by school executive in your government teaching job. The Bullied Teacher Support Network (BTSN)has been set up by two ex-teachers (one primary and one high school) and the full-time carer of a bullied out HS teacher. Our members are primarily based in NSW but we also have members in other states and even in the USA. We are calling for more of you to join so our membership indicates the seriousness of the issue. You can be an active member or a silent member especially if you are still employed. To join us simply contact BTSN admin in a private message telling us as much about your situation as you wish and provide us with a contact email address. This with your permission will be shared with other members or remain only known by admin.
    Bullied teachers are not professional victims. "A typical target is conscientious, competent and well liked by colleagues, pupils and parents," according to TESConnect. It's very sad that this group has to exist at all but believe the above statement is true about you!
  2. Nalababy

    Nalababy New commenter

    Hello, I'm very new to this. I don't even have any social network.
    I was bullied in the past.

    I've been teaching over 20 years. I have only 1 subject to teach, which is Japanese. I tried to do re training courses, but there was no opportunities to teach and I couldn't list them as subjects. I'm not confident to teach those subjects as I studied years ago.

    This is the recent experience. This might've been paranoid thoughts from past bullied experience.
    I'm under loaded fulltime teacher. In the past few years, there was a behaviour management room and the library supervisions to top up the load.
    We have a new principal since 2017. It was a great relief for me in that year.
    Last year, the principal and leadership team made some changes and one of the changes is the behaviour management room structure. I don't have the role there any more.
    This year, the teacher librarian left our school and another teacher, who wasn't in the library duty at all while she was at the school was placed and I don't have the library supervision role on my timetable any more.
    So I have suggested 6 things that I can be used at school including supporting NEP students, but they were all rejected.
    The way the principal made changes at school causing me not to have steady timetable. I'm feeling "Is this a way of trying to get rid of me?"
    My doctor and Psychologist wrote a letter each to my principal this situation is causing some issues.
    I contacted teachers union to seek assistance.
    One of the options the union person mentioned was displacement. We just had a brief chat over the phone and we didn't get into details.
    At first I thought that sounded good.
    After a while, I thought it might be a band aide solution for now. I need another subject area to teach. I need to solve the issues instead of moving schools. I'm going to discuss this with union person next week.

    I'm planning to re-study psychology for secondary school, which I studied over 10 years ago and never taught. I wrote an email to my principal and assistant principal that I'd like to do this in order to be able to teach psychology next year, but I haven't heard from neither of them.

    I am enjoying teaching. I believe students and I have very good professional relationships. I just can't cope with politics. I may be a socially awkward amongst teachers.

    Are there anyone who has similar situation like me?
  3. jazzy78

    jazzy78 New commenter

    This group NEEDS to exist. I am a victim of the Catholic system. A school rhyming with 'bagel'. Many teachers have been bullied there by the principal to the point where they ended up in hospital from the stress and manipulated to resign. This Principal is an absolute monster, but that's what the Catholics do isn't it, protect the monsters of this world... Catholic education needs to put this rottweiler of a principal on a leash...
  4. englishdragon

    englishdragon Occasional commenter

    @jazzy78 ...... please be very careful. The empress dowager and her hopeless son - owners of the Tianjin six letter school - are terrible bullies. Saturday morning naming and shaming sessions (euphemistically called staff training seminars - think North Korea) with the Chinese teaching staff. Now, expat staff are required to join the Chinese staff in weekend school cleaning duties. Sudden and totally baseless firing of expat staff. This is all about raw power and subjugation of employees. A highly honed kindergarten sweatshop mentality applied to the primary school. Do not be conned by the UK
    partners, as the Sad Values School is only interested in securing their annual fee - millions of RMB. And, the current International Principal is helpless, spineless in the knowledge that the first two international principals only lasted a few months, and the green bandaid stooge from the UK also left as quickly as he could. You will be jumping from fire into the dragon's pit. It is not pleasant.

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