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Bugsy Malone Script (and music!)

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by blousybrown1, May 12, 2008.

  1. I think you can get the script book for about a fiver each. So buy one and photocopy it I guess...

    Or are you after a freebie? ;)and not photocopying each page?
    I directed it 2 years ago and did an adaptation of the script that I typed up (added more fem characters and changed a few things around)
    But can't think where I saved the file...
  2. You can't photocopy scripts that are in copyright - it's illegal.
  3. It aazes me how many drama teachers no nothing about the legailities of performing.
  4. *amazes


  5. Sorry, I was being sarcastic.
    Doesn't show very well when typing. ;)

    And with my adaptation they were fine with it at Warner Chappell. ;)
  6. Thank you for your ideas - still confused as we're year 6 teachers and don't know much about the legalities when copying the script.
  7. Right.

    Performing the play without applying to WarnerChappell for the rights to do so is illiegal and could land you in trouble. You have to pay to perform.

    I believe the rights for Bugsy are with Warner Chappell. Call themor email for advice. If you don't you could be very sorry. They will set up a contract and give you a performance licesnse. They will also rent you the script and sheet music.
  8. Am doing 'Bugsy' next year and hoping for any advice/suggestions on staging, costume, comments and even audition.......thanking you very much in advance : - )
  9. I don't mean to sound harsh but you appear to have no knowledge of running/directing a show. You need to find someone with directing experience otherwise the show will not be successful. Bugsy is set in the 1920's gangster/Moll era. Watch the film for ideas on costume. There might be examples of set design and blocking/choreography on Youtube. My advice is to not to do a musical if you have no idea what you are doing. Sorry!!!
  10. Haggis - thank you for your kind words. As I have been Head of Drama for 5 years and have directed 4 whole school musicals, I think I have a vague idea of what I'm doing. I was merely wanting to know what thoughts people who have already staged 'Bugsy' might have, as it's always good to colloborate, isn't it? I suggest that you don't jump the gun and assume things of people when you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.
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  11. Sorry if I offended you but when you need advice on the audition process for your forthcoming play, then you sound like you don't know what you are doing.
  12. shikara

    shikara New commenter

    I've done Bugsy twice and each time was really enjoyable. We got a lot of the costumes from charity shops and then tarted them up with bright ties, braces, ribbons, beads etc. We even found hats and a fox fur wrap. We cut down the suit trousers so they fit our kids but were still baggy. Looked brill. The only costumes we had made were the dancers. Really good luck with it and don't be put off this forum by snotty comments. Most of us are really nice and helpful. Honest.
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  13. I did Bugsy a couple of years ago and the kids loved it. We had all the gangsters in trilby hats and the make-up team put moustaches on them. The dancing girls were all sparkly and shimmery - it was great. We even had Fat Sam's gang wander through the audience and audience participation when Fat Sam is trying out his version of the splurge gun, getting different people to be shot - including my husband on one night and even the head teacher!!! Good luck with it!
  14. Thank you for all the info, it is very much appreciated and has given me plenty of food for thought......I will not be put off by snooty comments at all despite having clarified why I asked for advice, I'm guessing that some people just like to put other people down to make themselves feel better! Thanks again.
  15. Haggis wasn't being snooty. You did come across as not having a clue. AND Haggis apologised. *** don't be so dramatic. Save it for your teaching.
  16. I bought my script online from amazon. Published by Collins. You can also go straight to their website - www.collinseducation.com. Was just over £5.

    Warner Chappell hold the rights for this one, c/o boosey & hawkes. The telephone number I have in my file is 0207 0547200 and email musicals@boosey.com

    They stipulate that it must be performed with band and not backing track

    When we did it last year the cost was £90 per performance + VAT, £90 per month for band parts, £3.50 per copy per month for vocal scores.

    Hope this helps
  17. It seems strange that people are so quick to have a pop at someone when they are merely asking for help.....I thought that was the whole point of this place?!!!
  18. Was looking on the internet for free Bugsy Malone scripts and came upon your request. Were you able to locate a free script, and if so could you pass on web link. Also could you pass on any advice about staging the production as I hope to be attempting it in Summer term with Years 5 and 6.
    Tim Jones
    Green Park School
  19. netmum

    netmum New commenter

    Tim, did you not read the earlier posts. Any "free" scripts to be found (if indeed there are any,) are illegal. it is illegal to copy scripts, it is illegal to perform any version of the play other than the authorised one which you have to buy or hire. It is illegal to perform without contacting the rights holders and paying for the rights.
    I would also advise not putting the name of your school on posts where you are asking for advice on how to break copyright laws.

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