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Budgeting, finance ideas for Y6?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Hharpersarah, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Anyone got any ideas on budgeting, finance activities for Y6? We've done quite a bit so far on:

    • Credit and debit cards
    • Interest in accounts
    • Stocks and shares
    • Income and wages
    • Planning for a trip

    Thank you.

  2. emmat34

    emmat34 New commenter

    Have a go at a £5 challenge, Virgin do one but it is under way at the moment. Try something smaller - we did a £2.50 challenge in small groups of 3, they had 3 weeks to invest £2.50 and make the money grow by selling in the playground. That way they had to manage their own accounts, fill in the account sheet/posters/display/learn stuff when things go wrong and all the fun of running a business. I did say that parents could not help or shop for them. They had to give me their lists in good time and it worked. Our £2.50 challenge raised over £100 and the £5 challenge nearly £300 so far. They get so chuffed. Only thing I would say is to have a calendar where the groups sign up to sell, allow only 3 groups per day and no like-products sold on the same day. They learnt about healthy competition and now don't feel bad or aggrieved if they check out the competition price-wise. It only took about 20mins of class time to start off and then they did it all themselves.
  3. Andy.Pipkin

    Andy.Pipkin New commenter

    Concentrate on ensuring they can do calculations without a calculator. Let secondary worry about this stuff.

    Really? You haven't used a search engine? :)

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