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Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by caitiord, Jan 19, 2020.

  1. cordhertsteacher

    cordhertsteacher New commenter

    I have been offered a position at a school in Bucharest which is exciting and I have been doing some research about the city which looks very interesting.

    This would be my first experience of teaching overseas so I would like to hear some personal experiences about living and working in Romania.

    Thank you
  2. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    For some misguided people, the standard practice is to send one of those silly TES Conversation things to a smelly old hippo.
  3. bedby9

    bedby9 New commenter

    Bucharest is a great place to live. It is extremely cheap to live comfortably. We are a teaching couple and manage to save around one of our salaries a month. It has some good places to visit inside and outside the city. Outside Bucharest you can ski or mountain walk which is less than 3 hour train away. The people are nice, abrupt but nice. Most people speak some English, but always helpful to learn some Romanian. The country has a lot of interesting history. It is a hidden gem in Europe and the world. What school have you been offered a job at?

    Feel free to send me a message.
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  4. tigi

    tigi Occasional commenter

    Bucharest is a pretty cool place to live (I'm here now) and it's fairly cheap and lots of upsides as mentioned above. Most of the schools are alright although there is one to avoid. Feel free to pm for details.
  5. motorhomer

    motorhomer New commenter

    Can you give a cryptic regarding the school to avoid? Thanks
  6. tigi

    tigi Occasional commenter

    A well known English university school - every year they have to recruit a full teaching staff. The others have ups and downs but are generally alright.
  7. janavis467

    janavis467 New commenter

    Bucharest is a great city, I spent a couple of years there and loved it.

    Most of the international schools though are quite a way out of the city so take this into account when deciding where to live and look carefully at transport options. Some of the schools offer transport to staff - or at least they did - but not all do so it might be worth asking about.
    caitiord likes this.
  8. janavis467

    janavis467 New commenter

    The advantage this school has is that it is actually in the centre. It's been threatening for a long while now to move out to 'purpose built' facilties out near some of the other Int schools and I understand this is finally going to happen in the next academic year.
  9. cordhertsteacher

    cordhertsteacher New commenter

    Do you have experience with this school @janavis467 thanks
  10. tigi

    tigi Occasional commenter

    True it's location is currently fabulous but yes I believe they are making the move to Pipera where most of the other international schools are.

    Traveling across the city can be tiring but most teachers either live halfway between the centre and school or nearer to school. Pipera is not the wasteland it used to be, there is a forest, a direct bus to piata Romana, many shops and a few decent pubs and eateries now.
    bedby9 likes this.
  11. janavis467

    janavis467 New commenter

    No, not the one in the centre. I was at one of the Pipera ones. Beware the address, a "Pipera" address can still be a very long way from the Pipera metro station which is the end of the line.

    Oh that's new. The 301? I just checked moovit and it reckons just over an hour bus journey at school times, am and pm.

    PS "Wasteland" is a fairly good descriptor of how I felt about it.

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