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Btech jamie Oliver Home Cooking skills help

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Salpot, Apr 15, 2012.

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  1. Hello there, they are in the resources section of the website, it was getting a bit much emailing them to everyone. Good luck.
  2. Hello Heidi,
    Please forgive me for jumping on the band wagon but would you mind sending me some examples too. We have started to deliver level 1 & 2 and any help would be much apprecieated.
    Thank you kindly,
  3. Hi could you possibly send both to me as well please, I am teaching it in September at a PRU, my email is sharann@sky.com

    Many Thanks

  4. I was under the impression from our BTEC co-ordinator that this course would no longer be running. You could still create a SOW and use the recipes and other resources but it would not be able to be awarded the Level 2 certificate. Or am I wrong? I can never find anything I want on the Edexcel website so have not been able to verify this.
  5. would you be able to send me the information as well please got a bit confused about what they really need to do as never done BTEC my email is kayluker@hotmail.co.uk
  6. Oh no SuziQ - does anyone have any information - we have just signed up to do this course this year - am I wasting my time!
  7. Dear Heidi

    Would you kindly send me an example pof a brief for the course too, please? It is the first time that I will be delivering the course. How many meals did you cook?

    My emai nswartz@lvhs.enfield.sch.uk

  8. Hi Island Angel

    I see you've been helping everyone out with your IV checked Level 1&2 briefs. I'm sure you're probably sick of emailing them out now, but I'd be so grateful if you could send them to me too please.


    many thanks :)
  9. Hi Heidi

    I have just started teaching home cooking skills, could you please help by sending me any exemplar work, sow etc.. Would really appreciate it.

    Kind regards


    Elaine.mendelson@btinternet .com
  10. Hi, I've just joined this forum and have only been teaching since September. I would be really grateful if you could email me these assignments as I've just be handed this BTEC course and have no idea what I'm supposed to do. Thank-you in anticipation. My email is L.Gay@lakers.gloucs.sch.uk
  11. Hi Island Angel

    Could you please help me too? I would also like you to send me the brief assignment for level 1 Jamie Oliver as I have no examples either and my Year 11 are due to finish their course.

    I'm desperate for help if possible?


    Thank you
  12. Did you get an email for the assignment brief??

    If so could you please help me as I also have no idea how to get the briefs?

    Thank you
  13. Hi, could I have it too please?


    Thank you
  14. sa_lidrider

    sa_lidrider New commenter

    Hello Island Angel

    Please help me I am stuck with writing an assignment brief for level 1 and 2 Jamie Oliver , my email address is frank.crawford@tces.org.uk

    This would be much appreciated
  15. mschongkong

    mschongkong New commenter

    Hi Could you also send mee your assignment briefs we are about to start this in our school and if you could send me copies of the the IV forms for the brief this would be great - do you also have to IV the work from the students even though they are filling out the jamie oliver booklet??? nothing is clear on edexcel.
    Many thanks in advance.
  16. clearyk

    clearyk New commenter

    Hi Please can you send them to me ..new post starting in Septemeber!
    Can't find level 1 on site??
  17. mrslord

    mrslord New commenter

  18. kbhalsod

    kbhalsod New commenter

    Hello I'm in desperate need for some help. I am completing the Level 2 with my special needs pupils. Has anyone got a completed folder that I could have a quick look at so that I know what I'm doing!! Thanks in advance x
  19. lemonlou

    lemonlou New commenter

    Hello Heidi,
    Your original post is from 2012....but I wondered if you still had the assignment examples available at all which you could email over to me please? My details are louise.powell@amberleighcare.co.uk
    Many thanks,
  20. carolinehamilton2209

    carolinehamilton2209 New commenter

    Hi all, I am about to start delivering this along with NCFE L1L2 Cooking, and completely new to it and I'm the new Head of the Department! eeeeekkkkkkk, has anyone any resources, SOW, lesson plans they wouldn't mind sharing?
    My email is cazwebby1982@gmail.com.
    Huge Huge thanks if anyone can help xx
    My learners are SEND..... SEMH boys only, years 9/10/11
    Caroline xx
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