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Btech jamie Oliver Home Cooking skills help

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Salpot, Apr 15, 2012.

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  1. I am teaching Level 1 Btech Home Cooking skills. I need to write an assignment brief for the level 1 assessment and have no examples to work from Can anyone help?
  2. Hello
    Send me your email address and I will be happy to send you both the level 1 and 2 assignments that have been IV'd and used.
    Hope that helps.
  3. Hello
    I noticed you had posted a message about assignments for this course. I would be really grateful for anything you could send me as this is the first time I have ever done BTEC. My email address is tracy.barry@wolverley.worcs.sch.uk.
    Many thanks
    Tracy Barry
  4. The information you sent me is really, really helpful, many thanks for taking the time to help me out !
  5. Thank you - not a problem, enjoy!
  6. Hi,
    I am going to be teaching the Level 1 course next year to a group of SEN needs students.
    I am desperate for help!
    I have read the specification and am unsure of what they are expected to do. Am i right in thinking they have to produce a portfolio covering eggs, breakfasts, bbq's, lunches etc and then a final assignment?
    Any help, guidance support would be gladly appreciated and anything i can do in return...........

    Emma x
  7. Dear Heidi,

    I would be really grateful if you could send me any information too as I'm really keen on teaching this course to my yr9s.

    My email address is

    Thank you in advance

  8. Hi Heidi would be really grateful if you coulod send me the same assignment briefs for Jamie Oliver course at level one and two

    Thanks for your help

    David Cantilon

  9. Jill and David you both have mail.
  10. I would be very grateful too if you could mail me your work.Thanks.
  11. Islandangel, I would love to get these too if possible.
    My email do_gigan@yahoo.fr
    You're a star, thanks for sharing...
  12. You both have mail.
  13. Hi Island Angel
    I see you've been helping everyone out with your IV checked Level 1&2 briefs. I'm sure you're probably sick of emailing them out now, but I'd be so grateful if you could send them to me too please.
    Thanks in advance!! :)
  14. Hi Island Angel
    Would you mind emailing me your IV'd Level 1 &2 briefs too please. I'd be so grateful.
    Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi, could I also have the resources thanks!
  16. You have mail. IAx
  17. Hi Island angel,could I also have a copy of the assignments?Thanks in advance.my email is liztucker@hotmail.com
  18. Hello
    I noticed you had posted a message about assignments for this course. I would be really grateful for anything you could send My email address is j.boyd@gateacre.liverpool.sch.uk
    Many Thanks

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