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BTEC Work Skills

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by britney1004, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Hi
    Does anyone else offer the Work Skills BTEC at their school/college? I'm struggling to find introductory style activities for my Year 10 to do. I don't really want to go straight into the assessed work, because I have approx 10 pupils in my class who I'm essentially 'babysitting' until their work experience gets sorted out, as well as the pupils who have chosen to do Work Skills. (not ideal, I know)
    Thanks for any suggestions!

  2. Interview skills and PLATS - team-working, communication, leadership skills etc.
    There is a Workskills unit on all of these, so relevant and those who are going to work exp. should be thinking about both. There are loads of activities and resources on web for both and they could complete their CV / application forms, interview each other and assess themselves and each others PLATS after completing team activities.
    OR Health and Safety at work - again there is a Workskills unit on it and the work exp. students have to do some work on it before going to a placement anyway, so they would see the relevance.
    Good luck![​IMG]
  3. We offer BTEC Workskills Level 1 - let me know what you are after
  4. Yes, I do.
    Maybe get them some BTEC Activator books which have some excellent pre-experience activities.
    Or get them to create a letter of confirmation/ application for the work experience place, maybe asking questions such as arrival time, lunch, clothing etc. They can use all of this. And a CV of course - sell it by saying they can use it easily if they need a part-time job.
    Get them to research 3 jobs - cleaner, receptionist and web designer. Look for WHERE is appropriate. Answers are shop window/ notice board; local paper; online. Get them to outline WHY they are appropriate e.g. cost-effective, right person, test skills.
    Skills audit - what are they qualified to do? How could they get better qualified?
    Poster on rights and responsible working from THEIR perspective e.g. listening to others' views.
    If your still unsure contact me.
  5. Re BTEC Workskills
    We are running BTEC Workskills Level 1 nad 2 this year. If anyine has any resources, ideas, we would be grateful
  6. Try my ideas on previous post.
    Edexcel has some resources so try them. Also, try www.teaching-resources.co.uk as they have loads of stuff.
    Use the Edexcel assignments for Level 2. Use Preston College's PEP for Level 1.
  7. charsar105

    charsar105 New commenter


    Do you have any resources for the Work skills unit 4 please? They would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Hello Bronco Brian. You sound as if yo have got your head around this subject. It's kind of been dumped on me a little. I have been following the edexcel stuff but am unsure how to put the whole thing together. Do you have any resources for Unit 4 level 2? Have you already been assessed and passed? I went to a meeting recently and other schools have said that it is quite hard to pass. Do you need a reflectiuve journal for the level 2 as well? Sorry for all the questions but my head is fuzzy with it all. Thanks in advance for any advice/help you may be able to give.

  9. Hi there all,
    I know that this is an old thread I am resurrecting, but is anyone clued up about the changes in the spec?
    I happened to stumble across it and now have the unenviable job of rewriting what has really only just been done to match it...
    Did anyone get any info direct from Edexcel about this - we didn't - and if we had probably wouldn't have started this academic year util after the changes!
    Also has anyone got copies of the PEP reosurces mentioned in this thread?

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