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BTEC Travel & Tourism Level 3 - advice please!

Discussion in 'Geography' started by sammiek, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. sammiek

    sammiek New commenter


    I am hoping to introduce Level 3 BTEC Travel & Tourism in September 2016 but I'm a little uncertain about the course's position. I called Pearson and they confirmed that the course is remaining (as Applied A-Levels are going) and the website says it is now due for review in 2017. However, I've seen that BTECs are changing (exams being introduced) and heard second-hand that the T&T course is losing credibility with UCAS.

    If you teach Level 3, could you please confirm what the situation is? It will be a huge undertaking to set up as a brand new course at my school and I have no BTEC teaching experience, so I'm hoping for clarification (or advice!) before investing further time. Not being familiar with BTECs is only adding to my confusion...!

    Thank you!

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