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BTEC Travel and Tourism

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by mzsmith, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. Hello all! I am teaching BTEC Travel and Tourism and will be picking up Unit 21 Entertainment for Holidaymakers, i would be extremely grateful is anyone has any resources to share with me please????

    i also would be happy to share my resources aswell

  2. Hi there,

    I have taught this unit once before as an individual I do not have a dance and drama background which I feel may have helped for this unit. I do not have any resources as such to share but more hints and tips. When producing the show I adopted a cross curricular links approach by involving other departments throughout my institute. This included the hairdressing department for hair and make up and media for light and sounds, also the dance and drama department to help break down routines. The other departments also combined this so their learners could complete assignments so it helped all round plus it is free resources.

    Hope this idea has helped good luck
  3. I have taught the entertainment for holidaymakers unit for a semester at level three second years, there are many opportunities for inviting other departments in your own college to participate in the event as well as linking it to other units in the BTEC spec of travel and tourism like the marketing unit to advertise the event, it can also be linked to events, conferences and exhibitions units and potentially hospitality all within the travel and tourism units if you teach them as part of your BTEC bundle. You can involve other learners on different levels within the entertainment unit such as level 2, the opposite year of level three to who you are currently teaching as its a 2 year unit and also you may find FD level 4 events and tourism management may be willing to participate. You can ask then across the college different departments to help you which may be useful for their own formative or summative assessment in their units like media, hairdressing, costume design and the hospitality and catering students. The entertainment unit really is an opportunity to work with many other departments as well as linking many other BTEC units in travel and tourism to make less assignment work for your students. The massive hint I have it "think outside the box" and record and take photographs every session to show progress as sometimes this can be left till last minute. Be firm with getting them to practise and do not let them change their mind on their show or event once decided as this can be a massive problem to learn all new dance routines, scripts and order costumes (this happened to me and was a nightmare!) I don't have many resources left but if you send me an email address I will send you what I have like grids for the learners to keep progress of their contributions and also different ideas to get the learners to think of what they put together for their own event. Good luck even though stressful the end result makes a tutor so proud when they do it!!
  4. Please do you have a SOW I can use for the entertainment unit? I have a few SOW for different BTec tourism units if you need any, thanks
  5. Hi I have just seen this post I'm teaching this unit next term for the first time. Do you have any resources on it. I have stuff on others if you would be happy to share

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