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BTEC textiles

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by sunshine_shell, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. I'm really up for intorducing this for the coming september does anyone teach it and do they have any advice for me? thanks!
  2. I'm really up for intorducing this for the coming september does anyone teach it and do they have any advice for me? thanks!
  3. I would really like to offer a Btec Textiles too and was given the task by my HOD of finding out whats availble. So far I have found Edexcel do BTec fashion & clothing and Btec Textiles. They both come under the Art specs (cant find a DT one anywhere) and can be offered at BTec Nation Certificate or BTec National award levels - though im not 100% sure what the difference is there. Is a National Award broadly equiv to 1 A level and the National Cert equiv to 2?
    Not sure if thats even remotely helpful sunshine!! But any info offered by anyone as to the difference between the courses, the levels and the teaching of the units would be gratefully received. Ooo and also is there a Pre-16 BTec in Textiles??
  4. I look at the BTEC fashion and clothing but it cost £65.00 per candidate and although it is equivalent to two GCSEs I thought that it was quite expensive. the programme of study looked good and I wrote 3 modules of work but felt let down by the support given by BTEC in setting up the course and the expense. Quite exciting as a change but not as we know D and T.
  5. Oh ok thanks, well my department and school is desperate for us to introduce BTEC so i'm going to looked into it further
  6. Hi:

    Yes - there are short course options. I am teaching pre 16 (year 10) the 'Edexcel Level 1 BTEC Award in Textiles' - its a 120 hour, 2 unit course.

    Anyone who knows of this - has any tips, please get in touch - p.s. I chose textiles rather than fashion because it is more experimental and doesn't follow GCSE style design step process so rigidly. The students will go on to do the higher award if they prove themselves in Y10 = in Y11

    See link:


  7. I'm starting the BTEC short and specialist course in Fashion and clothing for Year 12 in September, equivalent to 1 A level. They also do this course for Textiles but it seemed a little dull and my students are for more excited about the clothing one It is 5 units out of quite a wide choice. Our school are really into BTECs, but noone does the short courses and if anyone has any advice I would love to hear from them. I
  8. Hi
    I've been set the task of teaching fashion and clothing edexcel btec next sepetember with y10. I have narrowed down the units we are going to complete but thats about it. If anyone could offer me any advice that would be much appreciated as Ive never planned anything like this but am being left to my own devices! please help??
  9. Hi there,
    Interested to know how you got on with the btec fashion and clothing course. I'm starting with my year 10's in September. I'm going to offer the level 2 btec certificate. I too have never planned a btec before and would love to hit the ground running in September.
    I have a hons degree in fashion and textiles and over 25years experience as a professional designer so the technology and delivery of the units are not going to be a problem. However i have no real idea of the quantity or quality of work that is required.
    Edexcel have suggested that i try and visit another school or college to see the standard of work and the methods of delivery but i'm struggling to find somewhere!!
    Any help or advice you could give would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks
  10. Hi theee,
    Did you find a school to go to??I have done a year doing BTEC Art and Design Extended cert Level 2 with a fashion/clothing twist..all positive feedback so far..i struggled to find a school too...Edexcel not been very helpful at all with supporting me either...I will have the level 3 to contend with next year..now thats double scary!!anyone out there with help, advice, resources ..i will treat you ..get top grades at GCSE textiles AQA if you want to do swaps for resources!!thanks

    Forgot all about my request for info/help from this forum!!!

    No luck in finding another school who delivers btec fashion and clothing near Lancaster. Also little or no help still from Edexcel!!! Have started course though. Spent the summer hols choosing units and creating assignments. Going reasonably well, think i might have set the bar too high in terms of expectations, quality and quantity of work. I'm struggling to know what the expectations are though. How much work is needed per pupil and at what standard is required for them to pass a unit?
    Really looking for some help!!!!
    What i really need is for someone to say Yes!! that's great,plenty of work, good standard and your on the right track.
    Or..... No, not enough work, haven't fulfilled assessment criteria.

    Can anyone help.....Please.

    Have written 3 assignments for each of the 6 Units i'm delivering, so plenty of resources available in return for help.
  12. Hi

    We (as in the DT dept) have been running Level 2 and 3 Btec Art and Design courses for a few years now including Fashion.
    We do like it and much more creative than GCSE DT, More akin to an Art college approach.

    The paperwork is a pain but the joke is despite the bad press surrounding these courses it is much better than the GCSE.
    And i a way can be more demanding

    What do you need to know?
    I will see what we can do.

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