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BTEC QRD visit

Discussion in 'Science' started by Thejumpingjew, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Thejumpingjew

    Thejumpingjew New commenter


    We have one of these coming up, but I have only been given two days (the weekend) notice of hime coming in. He is visiting our exam officer and I have been asked for nothing - any ideas what I should provide anyway. I have our IV schedule and sheets as well as evidence of moderation, training and the OSCA. I also have marksheets showing where students are. Is there anything else as a lead IV I need?

    We have other BTECS that have run for a long time, but its my first!

  2. Roboteer

    Roboteer New commenter

    We were all asked to provide our programme files for the QRD visit.
    In there I have:
    All the assignments along with their IV paperwork
    A selection of IV'd student work plus the IV schedule showing whose work is being moderated for each unit.
    Tracker to show current student progress
    Information on resutls and destinations of previous year's cohort
    Scehdule of teaching for the year - which assignments will be delivered when, dates for start and end of assignment, marking date and IV date.
    Details of all the teachers on the course and their qualifications
    Copy of the student timetable to show their allocation of hours
    Paperwork and communications from the board including OSCA stuff
    Details of any training courses undertaken by staff to do with BTECs
    List of pupils currently registered for the course in each year group
    Minutes and notes from our internal BTEC meetings
    I think that's everything. The key things are the progress trackers and the evidence of IVing plus your delivery plan for the year. Other things missing would be likely to be just mentioned as matters to improve I think.
    I am surprised you have so little notice - we got told a week before hand and had to give our programme files to our QN to look over the day before so her could check if we had missed anything.
    Hope all goes well.
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