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btec practical sport HELP!!!!!

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by Hairboy5, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. i have been dropped on to teach this module btec practical sport and would like any help i can get. lesson plans and sylabus woul be fantastic . Thankyou in hope
  2. Anyone out there feel generous enough to hand Paul all your hard work?
    No? Didn't think so. But I bet this thread gets a lot of 'me too's', with a range of school and personal emails hung out to dry!

    Paul - try resources here and the Edexcel website - especially for the syllabus. They are free and in pdf format and often include a lot of information that is great to get you started.
    Does your school have BTEC in a Box? If so get hooked up to it quickly!
    Out of curiosity - are you a PE teacher?

  3. you get my email with SOW mate? if you need any other BTEC stuff if you're going to teach other modules I have a few bits.
  4. yes thankyou much appreciated
  5. wasent loking for handouts ! this was a genuine plea for help
  6. Unit 2 is by far the easiest BTEC module to deliver in my opinion and therefore I cannot see why anybody would have any issues teaching it.
    Although I'm sure that it was a genuine request for help I must say that I'm with pobble on this one. Read the assessment criteria and base your teaching around this, I'm sure that you can also find some delivery guidance from edexcel also.
    Does your school not have assignment briefs for each unit? These should include unit content, teach this content and get the kids to produce assignments from each brief.
  7. But you even asked for the syllabus, hairboy!
    I have never understood why many teachers don't know where such basic information is made available. All exam boards have such info freely available - you only have to look.
    I sincerely suggest you make yourself conversant with the Edexcel site.
    Also that you discuss the availability of info in your team. There must be some! And as tyke said, this is the least theoretical unit - hence my question - are you a PE teacher or an enthusiast who has been drafted?

  8. Just to let everyone know i designed my own syllabus with my own slant on how to do all the units , i then sent it to Edexcel and they loved my ideas but thanks for your wise words..........
  9. Huh?
    THAT I do not get. You a) designed your own syllabus? or b) do you mean you put together a Scheme of Work, or c) you wrote a set of assignment briefs?
    I am assuming you mean b or c.
    If you mean a) then you really did do a lot of unecessary work, as that is what Edexcel provide you with.
    Either way, I am happy for you that your year went well.

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