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Btec Performing Arts L3 unit 1 results

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by emd86, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. emd86

    emd86 New commenter

    Has anyone been able to decode the marking of Investigating a Practitioner's work? Almost all of our cohort failed and these are students who are studying A Level English and are on our g&t register! We are totally bamboozled and are nervous about entering them again as we don't know what to expect!
    We asked for the papers back but the board were not able to comply... Which I find a bit strange...

    If anyone seems to have cracked it, please let me know - most people I have spoken to also failed and it seems mad!

  2. mmartinez-joyce

    mmartinez-joyce New commenter

    I've just seen this. Have you had any help?
    We got the papers back after 50% failed.....seems they need to have a better balance of all learning aims in the essay....
  3. emd86

    emd86 New commenter

    They refused to send us our papers back which I find strange. They then sent an examiner back out to us to lead a training day, for free... We have been told we can get the front sheets back but not the papers. I find it all a little suspect.
    From what I can gather the issues we faced were; choosing better examples with a clearer link to the theme, not choosing Stanislavski and not comparing the two practitioners- rather analysing them each in turn. I can see why my students didn't get distinctions or merits now but I still don't believe their essays were a fail. I told them as much and they said lots of schools were in the same position.... surely that means something has gone wrong at their end?!

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