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BTEC or Cambridge Technicals @ Level 3

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by simon1971, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. simon1971

    simon1971 New commenter

    Hi. At the crossroads of whether I go for BTEC in September 2016 or Cambridge Technical.

    What do people see as the pro's and cons of each?

  2. chick112

    chick112 New commenter

    Hi Simon,

    We are at exactly the same position as you in our centre - can't decide between the two, we were offering the cambridge technicals up til now but from september both btec and ctec will have an examination unit and they both seem so different not sure which to go for!?
  3. simon1971

    simon1971 New commenter

  4. simon1971

    simon1971 New commenter

    Since the post I have been to CTEC event and I am definitely going to go with them. I am disappointed with the BTEC options which are very narrow and limited. Major negative is the BTEC examination - 2 hours of finance both business and personal. Very dull. I showed both papers to SLT and they could see the more user friendly and accessible paper. Plus I also like the support that CTEC will offer. BTEC is sooooo paper based with all its admin.
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  5. staffam

    staffam New commenter

    I'm happy to provide any information you might need regarding the Cambridge Technicals. See the messages I've sent you if you'd like to discuss in detail.
  6. PoundStretcher

    PoundStretcher New commenter

    Hello all

    In a similar position ourselves. We have offered BTEC Level 3 for some years with plenty of success however the lack of range of "interesting" options means that we are seriously considering the switch to the Technicals.

    I realise there is a need to external assessment but the Cambridge Technicals SAMs look more accessible than the BTEC versions. At least with the Technicals I can work with students to get them to access the materials in the first instance. Also although there is one more unit to do in the single A level equivalent version, it is potentially a portfolio unit which our students are far better at.

    If anyone has any more information then I would be grateful. I missed the launch events as at that point in time I had no intention of moving, however following the redraft it seems the BTEC is even more inaccessible for the average learner in a school Sixth Form.

  7. jackdee

    jackdee New commenter

    Have been teaching BTEC for many years, both in FE and in Secondary School. A fantastic qualification in the past to prepare students for work or Higher Education. HOWEVER I am very disappointed with the new specs for 2016. I am very seriously looking at the Cambridge Technicals which seem to be a mixture of the old GCE Applied IT (AS and A Level) and the old BTEC. Will keep you posted.
  8. leemurphy1

    leemurphy1 New commenter

    I have the student book for the new BTEC spec - it looks very good in my opinion. The exam is personal and business finance, although it may be a little dry, I think the personal finance element is perfect for kids on the way to uni. Shame there are so few optional unit choices though, far less than QCF.
  9. staffam

    staffam New commenter


    I'm more than happy to provide any information you might need to make an informed decision. Drop me a message containing an email address and I'll get in touch.

  10. primeprovider

    primeprovider New commenter

  11. chris71bowen

    chris71bowen New commenter

    Hi all, have just come across this thread as we are due to move from the old Btec to the new this September and having hit many problems with the new spec Level 2 I am not convinced and am looking at the CTEC - could anyone send me any pros and cons etc? Would be much appreciated! chris.bowen@petroc.ac.uk
  12. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    Depends what you are teaching as far as I am aware if you in a school doing level 2 CTEC does not count for points as it is a post 16 qualification
  13. poppedops

    poppedops New commenter

    I would like to discuss BTEC vs Cambridge Technicals, if that is possible. My email is l.harrington@valleypark.viat.org.uk Thanks Linda

    HUBNOOR New commenter

    Hi Adrian,do you have some information regarding the pros and cons of each. I am looking at BTEC business and CTEC Business level 3. Email: mnoor@mket.org.uk

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