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BTEC NQF Applied Science Level 1/2

Discussion in 'Science' started by nedchester, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. Are any schools still carrying on with these qualifications?

    There seems a big move now for schools to do GCSE.

    I still think the BTEC courses are still good ones for the less able especially the level 1 course which is more accessible to these students.
  2. ananke

    ananke New commenter

    I an starting a new school in September so I don't have much say (yet) in how they run their Science. If I were to run the course, I would be tempted to do the level 1 certificate (covering the "single science" until Easter in Y10 and the level 2 Application from then. The Application seems a bit easier to achieve a level 2 pass in my experience of running the courses for two years. Starting with the level 1 course could "train" the students into handing in assignments on time. They could only achieve one recognised level 2 pass like this though, which for many would be a great achievement.

    It does of course depend upon how Science fits in to the whole school approach to progress 8 and how the ebac and non-ebac slots are filled in the options. Both the science NQF Btec qualifications score in the non-ebac slots, but they may be filled with other subjects and/or vocational qualifications.

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